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Ah, so my computer is seems to broken, which is very distressing. It teases me by intermittently working and then just as I’m coasting a long is back fires and refuses to budge. Hence, I haven’t been around much and as I’m off to the repair shop today, might be out of action for a few more days.

While the computer is doing my bidding, I thought I do a quick post of things that have been staving off the January blues, inspired by a documentary I watched last night ‘Iris’ on Netflix. New York fashion legend Iris Apfel. The story of her remarkable love of clothes and individual style. She has a vibrant zest for life, which many a quarter of her age would struggle to keep up with. The film is also a beautiful portrait of the challenges of very old age, Iris is 90. I really enjoyed it.

My son is 8, so of course, we saw Star Wars the Force Awakens. Han Solo and Chewbacca “Chewie, we’re home”, brought a tear to my eye. The thing I loved most, the film has some brilliant female characters; The silver Storm Trooper. Princess Leia leading the resistance. Mostly, Rey! Feisty, forthright and capable – the perfect hero.

Just before Christmas we made a family trip to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, it is touring. Incredible photographs and infinite patience to get them. Inspiring and depressing; the negative impact humans have on animal habitat and how we treat animals. The photograph of Tiger/Lions (cross bred) in a Chinese circus is so sad.

This week me and the Mr sneaked off to Bath to see the Grayson Perry tapestries ‘The Vanity of small differences’ again, I think it’s touring. So much to love, the art of the tapestries, the clever cultural references, the poke at modern life, the humour, the colours, the scale.

Other small obsessions making January tolerable are Bahlsen Chocolate Biscuits (Aldi do a cracking own brand version), it’s the thick slab of chocolate that appeals on cold days.

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Christmas good things; print of the Crystal Palace Tower. Which is a very South London obsession. Seeing the Tower means I am in my part of South London. Home. Amongst my people. It is something I associate with my teenage years and bus rides up to Crystal Palace fair, the Tower was the stop to get off. I can see if from the back bedroom of my Dad’s house. Favourite new print (I’m probably alone on this one).

DSC_0024 (2)
New sweatshirt and Saltrock scarf (which I am in the process of reviewing but the weather hasn’t been good enough for proper outside photographs).


New. Jumper. Love. Purchased a couple of jumpers in the sales. Alternately living in both of them. If you can’t wear pyjamas in January wear a big jumper.

The rain has actually stopped this week and the kitchen has been full of sunlight (outside it is very cold) but flowers on my table (a gift from a friend) have all the promise of spring. Everyone needs flowers in January.

interiors lifestyle



DSC_0009 (1)


Have a good weekend.


  1. Tracey Grannum

    How amazing in Rey?  Although my daughter is 8yo she is not ready to see Star Wars which is such a shame as she’d love Rey.  However she still gets scared by Disney’s Scrooge so Star Wars on a big screen would be too much.
    I so agree, January does need flowers. My house daffodils are glorious!

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