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Review Saltrock clothing. Slow Sunday Times

Saltrock sent us some clothing. We’ve been meaning to get out a photograph them. Over the Christmas holidays it rained a lot and instead of bouncing off the walls, the usual defacto holiday mode of the small boy and me, we found a rhythm within the house that suits us. So we stayed inside.

He is bigger now, my boy, he hangs out in his room playing with Lego. I potter around catching up on domestic stuff, even have time to read the paper. I like a slow starts, he gets that now. It seems only yesterday, The Mr and I were trundling a buggy over un-even pavements at un-Godly hours on a Sunday morning, 9 am would feel like lunchtime. Now the day doesn’t get going until lunchtime.

The Mr often works weekends and in truth, the two of us have got into a habit of not leaving the house. On Sunday, after another very slow start. Endless cups of tea, ‘yesterday’s’ newspaper, pancakes for brunch, a Minecraft session, some spelling practice (small boy, not me). I decided that today we must actually leave the house, have a potter around our neighbourhood.

It was cold and drizzling, we appreciated the cosy Saltrock clothing. Me in a big Navajo blanket scarf, I’ve been wearing it a lot, it’s very soft and warm. The boy loves his Saltrock hoodie. The sizing is very generous (he is the skinniest 8 year old) it gives him the look of a bit of dude, a surf rat. He likes that. The fabric is thick and warm, super soft on the reverse. Perfect for winter days and, I imagine, on beaches after braving the cold British sea. Something to slip on when you are still on the sand as the sun slips down and a chill invades the air but you don’t want to leave just yet. Saltrock is a British brand, hailing from Cornwall. Wearing the clothes you know they get need to wrap up against the icy drizzle and cold of the British winter.

We popped into the market, it was very quiet, but I am happy to report the record stall was busy. Took photos of ourselves in front of walls in a blogger style. Picked up things for dinner, stopped off at a cafe, found some friends, hung out. Came home, flicked on the central heating, ate biscuits on the sofa. Ski Sunday on the TV (one of my favourite programmes and I can’t even ski). Roast for dinner and Sunday’s gone. Perfect.

Saltrock Clothing

Saltrock Clothing

Disclosure: Scarf and Hoodie send for review by Saltrock Clothing. All words and opinions my own.


  1. 76sunflowers

    Thank you THANK YOU for reassuring me that those kind of weekends where you barely leave the house are just fine to do! I always get the guilt on that we should be out on some wild adventure every weekend. I must say you have some stylish wall backdrops to do the obligatory blogger shot. And when did your boy get so tall?! x

  2. Emma

    Great photos and I love that scarf!  Ski Sunday is a favourite in our house too.  We nearly went to one race.  I will tell you if we ever do go to one (probably in Austria) and I will wave to you! 😀 

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