Treating Myself – A Day Out

Treating myself, day out in London. London Bus

Liberty Flower Shop Treating myself

For the last few weeks, life seems to have sped-up slightly and in keeping up, I’d got a little bit run down. After few days of deliberating on a treat for myself I was ‘this’ close to booking a massage and facial and then I received an invitation and the decision was made.

Ocean Loans offered me £50 to spend on treating myself to a day out.  At a time when a bit of extra cash was just what I needed. Everyone needs a treat every now and then.  Spend it wisely Gemma. I live by lists, my list starts; Day spa (de-stressing). A walk and lunch in the Cotswolds with a friend (exercise and sharing the joy).  A day out with the family (quality time). 

In theory  it should be easy, spending £50. First of all came the ‘time’ issue, the Mr works a lot of weekends and I’m juggling various commitments in the week. Slicing some extra time in just proved to be more difficult than expected.  In my experience, the more difficult it is to find time for yourself is, the more you need it.  Most days, I get up and don’t stop until I fall into a sofa or often bed at the end of the day.

So, I’m playing around with the idea of having a bit of extra cash to splash.  An evening at the cinema and dinner with partner (probably should, we don’t do this enough) or a shopping day in town for me (maybe) new pair of jeans and a top (always a bit of a boost).  A trip to the coast (escaping). 

Then I received an invitation to afternoon tea in London.  Immediately, I think of reasons why I can’t go; time, the cost, the distance.  This would be an indulgent, fun, de-stressing and boosting day out. I decide this is how I will ‘treat myself’. With the extra cash, I can afford the train fare and afternoon tea.  

An early train to London the joy of reading a book (undisturbed) and the day ahead of me. First stop, Liberty London. Ultimate browsing and the flower shop is lovely.  London was all blue skies, so I took a walk down Carnaby Street and through Soho. Saw an exhibition and then met friends for Afternoon Tea at a posh London Hotel. Fine tea, warm scones, perfect cakes. All the conversation. What could be better. Ended the day with a spot of interiors shopping on the Tottenham Court Road; piles of cushions, ceramics and lighting. Perfect. We even spend some time at a flower workshop in the biggest stationery store. Stationery and flowers! Couldn’t be happier. Perfect shopping.

Boarding the train home, I felt more relaxed than I have been in ages and very appreciative of  a day spent doing things I enjoy at my pace.

I spent more than I intended, but the beauty of the extra boost of cash is that I can.  Which is why, I guess a bit of financial leeway is always useful.

Afternoon Tea The Soho Hotel

Carnaby Street

China Town London

Ocean Loans provided me with £50 to spend on me. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. jfb57

    Looks like it was a great day Gemma. I long to have a day when I can relax. Whenever I go to London it is with hubby & we have a list of places to visit so I always need a rest when I come back!

  2. Jennifer

    It looks like a lovely day out! The cakes look amazing. I love going on the train to London by myself, it’s quite a distance from where I live but so relaxing when I can sit with a book, a definite difference to making the journey with two small children!

  3. Over a Cuppa

    Looks like a fabulous day and you are so right we often don’t just treat ourselves to time out for ourselves. In the long run it really benefits everyone around us as we feel revived!

    We seriously need to ditch the that would be selfish of me thoughts and realise actually to think of it as an investment to everyone…did I sell that to you for next time…I am selling it to myself! xxxx 

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