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Coming out of winter, my clothing/style is mostly; t-shirt and cardi’s or jumper, jeans black or standard and a big parka. I’ve been trying out Lyst, collected fashion in one place.

Winter hibernation is well and truly over, the clocks go back this weekend. Outside yellow daffodils and red tulips are inspiring pops of colour. It is that time of the year when I’ve the urge to empty my wardrobe and cart much of it to the charity shop. For months, the overarching focus of my style focus has been warm and practical. From the end of summer into winter, I add layers. Layers getting thicker and more wooly and this sees me through winter. Dark colours an approximation for dank days and cold. I can’t help being inspired by the newness of spring; spring flowers, purple crocus and pink magnolia, nature is sending out very positive messages of change and newness.

Lyst asked me to try out their site, its fashion in one place. Being time poor is something many of us are familiar with, online shopping is the convenient answer. If you are anything like me, you spend hours hoping from site to site and half a dozen tabs open until your laptop groans slightly. Lyst pulls everything together in one place, search by item, style, colour price. The whole virtual high street pulled together. Over time Lyst learns your preferences and will deliver more of what you like. So when I first searched in the shoes tab, there wasn’t an option for loafers. I did a search for women’s loafers from the main search bar. The next time I went into the shoes tab, there was ‘loafers’ on the list of options. Clever huh?

Below are the sort of outfits I’m drawn to. Set A. Is what is in my head when I go shopping; bright colours. Dresses pared down with more masculine edge, chunky loafers, this season’s must have a bomber jacket. I have a wedding in the summer and while I like the idea of image of myself shopping for home vintage items in one of these dresses, the reality is I would wear it for the wedding and never find the right day to wear it again.

In reality Set B. is what I will buy and wear endlessly. I love pinafore and dungarees dresses for the layering opportunities. White top underneath if I’m in a hurry. Lift it with faithful Bretton strips. I like the whole ‘sporty’ vibe that is currently in the shops. I’m channelling the sporty vibe from ankles downwards only. Bright footwear is always a joy and gives simple outfit a twist. The Zara jacket makes it to both sets. It is top of my ‘want’ list and at £40 I think it’s really affordable.

Set A. What I like: Dress printed dress ASOS. Yellow pinafore Topshop. Grey Bomber Zara. Loafers Dune at John Lewis.


Set B. Culottes Finery. Denim Pinafore Toast. Grey Bomber Zara. Trainers New Balance.

Spring What I’m wearing by helloitsgemma-1 featuring a bomber jacket

Lyst is really convenient to use, I liked the additional listings of ‘new today’. The site features both high street and designer clothing, which can be filtered out by price, however it shows discounts and at sale time would be a good place to pick up a high-end bargain. Additional inspiration comes via the Long Lyst; city guides and life lessons, in which I got lost for hours. I’d really recommend giving Lyst a go, if like me you need a wardrobe boost for spring.

Collaborative post with Lyst. All words, style and opinions my own.


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