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March is for planting

The window sills have gained small seed trays and pots. Starter homes for our little growing project. As spring appears, we are entering another phase of the Live Lagom with IKEA. We’ve been busy with the planting kits, part of the original shop, stored until now. Warmer weather is planting time; bell peppers, herbs and tomatoes, little steps to being a little more sustainable. Our outside space is restricted. Some of the herbs will stay on the window sill, while others and the pepper and tomatoes will move outside, the kits include a growing bag. Watch this space for the progress.

Our involvement in the Live Lagom project started at the beginning of the year. Three months in and we’ve seen some positive results.

Growing with IKEA Live Lagom

Money Saving

Last year, our monthly costs for dual-fuel went up. I had a long telephone conversation with my energy provider. Being low energy users, we were, according to my provider, at the lowest the monthly cost. Wrong!

Since being involved in the Live Lagom project, I’ve reconsidered some of the things we use everyday. Turned down the boiler and used a different setting on the dishwasher. Switched all the lights to LED, which are cheaper to run than the low energy bulbs we were using. We aim to light the areas of the room we use, rather than the whole room.

In February, we read the meters and our direct debit was reduced by 20% a month. If we can keep low we should save a considerable amount over the year. Win!

LED Lighting

The LED lights took some adjusting to and there was a bit of swapping around bulbs to find a tone and brightness that suited. I’d suggest a bit of research before embarking on this change, however the savings are worth it.

Little Changes

As part of the Lagom project we’ve made some little changes.

Included in the shop were a couple of water bottles, these have been great for trips away from the house, instead of buying water or drinks we take our own. Why didn’t we do more of this before?!

Rechargeable batteries. Brilliant. I love not throwing away batteries.

Klockis is a little cube of tricks. It can be a timer; for more accurate cooking. A room thermometer. It is also a standard clock and alarm clock. We started using it to time showers, little changes to reconsider; how long do spent in the shower and how much water used? Not so good at keeping up with this one.

Inspired by the project I’ve batched cooked soup. From pan to förtrolig food container to freezer. Out of the freezer to microwave all the same container. Actually, I eat the soup straight from the dish. Super convenient.

Overall: Thumbs Up

Initially, I wasn’t sure how much impact the project would have. I’m most pleased about the saving on energy, a hoped for change, but not this quickly. For me, it just demonstrates the benefit of little changes and how they can have a big impact.


Small changes IKEA Live Lagom

We are part of the Live Lagom Project in conjunction with IKEA. All words and opinions are my own.


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