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Home, interiors, garden and lifestyle inspiration are some of my favourite things. I took the opportunity for a trip to London with a friend to visit the Ideal Home Show at Olympia.

My friend had never visited and I haven’t been for years. I’ve clear memories of my first visit, being particularly thrilled by the show homes. Houses in a building! The show homes are still a feature, very much the centre of the show with queues to view all day long. My favourite was the eco-house, floor to ceiling windows, curved rooms and stylish, sustainable design.

ideal home show interiors home lifestyle

Olympia is a big space and the Ideal Home Show fills it to capacity. Everything is super-sized, big hot tubs, tables made from entire trees (or so they appeared), huge sofas, sparkling wall paper. Everywhere is packed with ideas. There are celebrity chats in various theatres, we learnt a little about up-cycling a chair and tiling in the Super Theatre.

Upstairs hosts fashion and beauty and is where Katie Piper shares her motivational and inspiration chats, between catwalk shows. In Ideal food we tried matcha green tea, the king of green teas, which promises packed with antioxidants and is at an offer price at the show. There are lots of bargains and offers to be had at Ideal Home. Savvy shoppers brought wheelie shopping bags with them, easier to transport the goodies.

The gadgets; whether it’s home technology or amazing blades that cut butter nut squash like actual butter, or innovative loo brushes which seemed to constantly be pulling in big crowds to the demonstrations. That for me is very an association with Ideal Home. We found a stand that will make a 3D model of you. A mini me. Literally everything and more.

Interiors and home inspiration

The heart of the show is the interiors section, amazing furniture and inspirational room sets. Loved the retro styled kitchen and the blue and colour pop of children’s den. We stopped at Plumbs to look at their reupholstery; curtains and cushions. Spent a some time browsing fabrics, finding ideas for combinations, patterns and colours.

plumbs soft furnishing

I think my favourite area was gardening. The show gardens were designed by college students, clever ideas for small spaces. There are some fabulous ‘outside rooms’ on display, think cabins or spheres with tables and soft furnishing for garden.

Ideal Home Show. Gardens

Top Tips for the Show

Don’t forget your goodie bag. Available upstairs at the back of fashion and beauty.

A rucksack or easy carry bag.

There is a lot of walking. Wear comfortable shoes.

It can get really hot and very busy drink lots of water. Take a stop at the one the many cafes. My favorite was the Plumbs sponsored Afternoon Tea room.

plumbs tea roms

The Ideal Home Show runs until 3rd April. London Olympia. Many thanks to Plumbs for sending me complimentary tickets for the show. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    I’ve not been to this show since 1986 but I loved it then and I’d love to go again. Then the trends were for borders to coordinate with your wallaper and Colour-Me Beautiful (I had my colours done and was told I’m a winter – I got a book of swatches to help me clothes shop, lol).

    1. helloitsgemma

      I think the 80’s was the last time I went too. I also had my colours done, not at IDH but elsewhere – it was a “thing”. I had the swatches. I can’t remember what season I was, I just remember they told me I couldn’t wear black, which was and still is the staple of my wardrobe!

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