Easter Weekend

Easter Bristol
Easter is my favourite; two bank holidays and excessive chocolate. This year, we stayed in Bristol, enjoying the city and time with friends. We found some free art, enjoyed the sunshine and reviewed Aldi wines over Easter Sunday lunch.

Good Friday, it turned out was also ‘Free Art Friday’ in Bristol. How do I know this? We found some free art. Free art is a global movement, artists in different cities across the world, on various Fridays leave art to be found. Friday here was beautiful blue skies and warm too. The perfect day for a wander, we ended up at the harbour.

Bristol at Easter

Bristol was looking it’s best, bright houses in spring sunshine. We were ambling home when my son spotted a sign that said “Free Art” and next to it a hand painted canvass propped against a wall. He decided he liked it and took it home. Free Art. Our canvas is a Ninjagrl.
free art Friday Ninjagrl

Easter Sunday at home starts with chocolate hidden around the house and weather permitting in the garden, this year the weather was not permitting. My small boy absolutely loves our simple Easter hunt, I’d forgotten how much. These are the small things of childhood to treasure while they last.

Our aim for the weekend was spending time as a family and seeing friends our weekend evolved into nice days out with good people. Easter Sunday is the perfect excuse for a proper lunch. We invited friends and the Mr set to work early roasting a chicken with all the trimmings, I ate pan-fried salmon, complimented with a couple of bottles sent by Aldi Wines for review. It is a treat to be able to welcome guests with a sparkling glass of champagne; Veuve Monsigny Champagne, it nicely fills the gap when people arrive, before food is served. The meat is resting, roast potatoes at their final stage of crisping. At £10.99 it is a very affordable. A traditional blend “equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Meunier”; the elements of champagne. It is light, easy drinking, not too dry or too fizzy. Google ‘Aldi Champagne’ and discover articles on how popular it is. Price is a good driver of popularity but ultimately, in my view, people don’t repeat buy unless something tastes good.
Aldi wine review

Like many people, my supermarket shopping patterns have changed, I shop little and more often. There is an Aldi between home and school and I call in a few times a week. I haven’t much experience of their wine, the Mr usually picks up wine on his way home.

To accompany the main course we drank New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a zesty, fruity white wine. The Sauvignon Blanc retails at £7.99. Sharing good wine is one of life’s joys. The Sauvignon Blanc is smooth, zesty and fruity. It has that special something that New Zealand wines have, easy drinking that is reminiscent of sunshine, soft sand, sea, lush green, clear air, all those positive things associated with New Zealand. All agreed it was good and the bottle soon disappeared.

It turned out to be one of those lunches that stretched into the afternoon, adults at the table and kids playing elsewhere. While, outside the window Bristol experienced four kinds of weather across one afternoon, the kind of weather that makes me grateful to be at home. Millionaire shortbread made by my friend for dessert. Note to self: must do this more often. It made for a very happy Easter. How was yours?

Aldi Wine Review

Disclosure: Wine and champagne send for review. All words and opinions my own.


  1. Emily

    This sounds so lovely. I adore those long lunches with friends that stretch on to cake and the odd cup of tea, before moving back to the wine. That Aldi Sauvingnion blanc is one of my favourites. I love it

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