Intentions April #16

Intentions April 16
Hello, here I am with intentions for April, a third of the way into April. I’m late but keen. My excuse for lateness is the Easter holidays, sometimes during the holidays I try to juggle being “on the internet” and sometimes I just throw in the towel. This holiday proved to be the latter. The decision was partly made for me by illness. In turns, the three of us have been ill and Easter was my turn. It still lurks elsewhere in the family. I’am very bored of winter bugs.

March intentions worked out well, almost everything ticked. I did fail to get to school early and did fail in my intention to be more social in the playground. I guess I just ‘bottled it’. Another term. Better weather. Will Keep Trying.

April, is a third of the way through and the year is a quarter done. Illness forced a slower pace over the first week or so of the month, we simply bobbed about in Bristol and its fringes. The lighter and longer days, combined with a more gentle pace, gave the Easter holidays had a very satisfying feeling. Like a good long stretch after waking up from a good night’s sleep, which feels very apt for spring. Waking-up from dark days, leaving tendencies to hygge behind. April feels like a month to grasp at life. I am a bear staggering from hibernation.

While bears might gorge every berry and fish they can lay their paws on, my preference is to cast my eye around me and gorge on list making. The newness of spring is infectious. With a some time on my hands, I started to list-write. Ultimately, I ended up with ‘the big list of everything’ and an urge to tackle everything immediately;  Empty my wardrobe, spring clean the house, buy those products I meant to buy in February, walk more, socialise, re-organise, tackle house projects that have drifted for months (that is a long list on its own), buy some new clothes, plan for the summer and….. on it goes.

“Start Somewhere” is my stopping sign. Slow up. Focus on a few things at a time.

I made 3 priorities for the rest of the month:


Clear out my wardrobe. Does anyone else get the urge to do this in spring? For me, this is so over-due, for the photos for this post, I grabbed a shirt. I’ve not worn it in over a year, maybe two, it is worn out and is doing nothing by taking up space. 90% of my socks have holes in them, a sad state of affairs. Rather than muddling on, I’m going to ‘start somewhere’ and tackle it.

I’m going to have a little more time on my hands over the next few weeks. I’ve pulled out my planner and am going to schedule in tasks and slots for the rest of the month and tweak some things on the blog. I need a few days with my laptop, writing and tweaking. It’s that spring feeling of change and possibilities.

The last priority is organise a holiday; summer isn’t far away. I want to make the most of time, time and warmth. We’d like to go camping in Europe. Any suggestions?

I’ve two-thirds of the month left and half an eye on various other things to set about doing. There is that satisfying thing of finding you unexpectedly have the time to organise something, you get it done; then you add to a list for that day, simply for the satisfaction of crossing it off. ‘Achievement led tasking’ is how I like to think of it. Am I alone in this one?



  1. Emma

    I would really really recommend Natterersee near Innsbruck in Austria (few posts about it on my blog), it’s fabulous!   I have become addicted to writing lists.  I have been known to write lists about lists!  Happy April! 🙂 

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