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My partner doesn’t make many appearances on this blog very often. Today it’s all about him. House of Fraser asked me to make some wardrobe choices for my other half. He is a man with a preference, he knows what jeans he likes and what suit him and he sticks with that. Because, I’m so used to his preferences, it was difficult, at first to deviate and not simple go with what he would choose. Black jeans, my partner never wears black jeans. He likes dark blue. So he just buys more dark blue, this  every day clothing of choice. Denim jeans are also my default option. Denim is durable, comfortable easy to wear. As a woman I have a few more denim choices; skirts, dungarees, dresses.

Male fashion has narrow boundaries. Many men like to keep their preferences within those boundaries even narrower. My partner wears jeans, he has a cut and brand which suit him. He has a preference for a type of shirt he likes and wears and he has duplicates in that style, with colour variations. He doesn’t need new shirts, his current shirts are more than adequate. He likes a t’shirt, not any old t’shirt. He has definite views. He is knows what type of sweaters suit his taste and he is not keen to deviate. There is a sartorial pattern here. Good reliable staples. If it works, repeat it.

Not all jeans are created equal. Well cut and designed jeans stand out. They look better, are more flattering. It’s the same for women’s jeans. Everyone has their jeans preference, the brand or the cut that they like, they feel suits them. My partner, has his preference for cut and style of jeans and once found, he will bulk buy. His patience for shopping is limited. I go shopping far more often than him and am happy to browse, while browsing doesn’t interest him. Because t’shirts are less durable and need to be replaced more often. I tend to pick up t’shirts for him. I know his preference and can spot it at 50 paces.

I don’t expect to dress him and very much approve that he makes his own choices. If I had more influence? Well, I gave it some thought. There are things I think would suit him, for example printed shirts, subtle florals. They wouldn’t be his choice, he has shirts, he likes those. That’s fine. It’s not even a strong objection, simply a preference. For a masculine edge, a dark grey cardi. A cardi on a bloke, is a bit of hipster cliché, but one I like. You can’t beat a classic dark grey cardi and it’s the sort of item I could borrow for slouching about in on cold weekend mornings.


Black jeans, as an alternative to blue. Some subtle colour; via bright socks, a flash of colour. Ring the seasonal changes, with a bit more colour, cheerful bright t’shirts for summer days. Rather than dark tones all year round. I showed him my choices, he scratched his head, a definite interest and didn’t entirely disapprove. I think I may have found some alternatives. How would you dress your partner?

All items Available at House of Fraser.

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