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Sharing a little corner of my home. It’s a while since I wrote about interiors and our home. I guess it’s a reflection of a winter lull and that we are over the first year, the mad enthusiasm to put our stamp across the house has dulled. We’ve settled into the house and learnt to live with things. We still have no wardrobes and initially, I thought I can’t live with my clothes on a rail (first world problems, I know), anyhow turns out I can.

Much of the slow down is due to procrastinating, it’s more fun to potter in the garden than paint walls. We decide to paint a wall, get distracted and then after a few days of thinking about it change our minds again. We’ve been buying things, here and there.

We’ve bought the odd bit of furniture. A couple of things from Ebay and a battered chest of drawers from a vintage store. The imagined stories of old furniture appeals to me, as does the ideal of ‘recycling’ consuming in a more positive way. I’ve avoided the new.

Something, I have purchased from new has delighted me, it’s a small butler table, a folding table with a top tray that lifts off. I’ve been looking for one for ages. There it was in Ikea, just when I wasn’t looking. As part of the Live Lagom project, I was in IKEA. By the tills is a bay, a place where Ikea sells ex-display furniture, damaged items, bit of doors. A mish-mash of items. I spotted a couple of butler trays, heavily discounted in price. Pale grey in colour. I grabbed one. It has become a favourite little corner of my home.
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Our bedroom is big and airy, I wanted something extra to fill the space, something small, not overwhelming. I also wanted a little space for me, somewhere I can put down a hair-clip and come back days later and find it (immediately). Somewhere to stack books so they aren’t in the way. A sort of book in-between place; not yet for the shelf, I’m sort of reading it, I might read it soon. A place of knick-knacks and treasures, a little plant. Somewhere to put my tea down while I’m deciding what to wear. Home to candle I never seem to light. I’m fond of knick-knack and treasure corners and have others developing nicely around the house.
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On the table is my granddad’s watch (still works) cards and things I’ve been given. A small matt ceramic vase, that I saw and liked, which didn’t fit anywhere else.


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There is a florist near me that sells flowers in small pots, I had muscari/grape hyacinth for a while. How I’m obsessed with small potted narcussis, the smell is beautiful, it’s heavenly just before bed time to take deep inhale of the scent, I’m sure it makes dreams sweeter. I love waking up to the sight of flowers and how the light plays on them at different times of the day.
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liftestyle home interiors
Our bedroom has become a gently evolving project, we’ve liked and kept the plain white walls we inherited. Over 18 months, we added a blind at the window, a mirror picked up in a salvage yard. A throw when the weather got colder, some pictures on the wall at Christmas, New bedding for spring. The room is all the more satisfying for its slow changes, it’s a lesson learnt for me in home and interiors, rooms can find their own soul, it just takes time and patience.
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