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More and more of us have home office spaces, using adequate lighting makes working from home more comfortable. Lighting is a basic element of every room. How a room is lit changes the feel and ambience; soft lighting from table lamps or wall down-lighters. Bright central lighting. Beyond the practical, we all want things in our home that look good. Looking for light fittings that makes a statement, then look no further than LampCommerce.

LampCommerce is an on on-line lighting company, a vast collection of quality brand and designer lighting choices. Statement lighting that raises a room from the ordinary to something with impact-factor. A range of lighting from the affordable to investment piece. Browse lighting inspiration by room from the comfort of your home.

Our homes are a sanctuary from modern living and somewhere to reflect our personalities. The popularity of design led interior blogs indicates how much we invest in interior inspiration and re-creating that in our own spaces. While beautiful to look out, lighting needs to be practical.

Home used to be a place away from the work environment. That’s changed, many people work at home and while your office might be miles away, increasingly the lines blur. Catching up on reports, emails, the advantages of digital flexibility. Laptops and fluid working roles find many more individuals take work home. Work lighting needs to be functional, good lighting equates to less eye strain, it’s an important factor to consider when lighting a home.

Home Office

Not everyone a house big enough for a separate office at home. A home office nook or desk space, work for most. Grabbed corners with small desks for laptops and paper-work. Accessorised with pictures, peg-boards and wire-mess organisers and a reading lamp, for late night deadlines and dark mornings.

A classic choice would be the Fontana Arte Nasketta table lamp. Personally, I love the simple, timeless styling, it almost has a vintage feel. Pictured bedside, but perfect for an office, fully adjustable means you can pull it up to light the whole desk or pull it down to focus on a keyboard.



Bright colours always raise a smile, the psychology of colour surely means a yellow lamp will lift the spirits. The Tolomeo micro desk lamp, creates not only a lovely pop of colour in a choice of various shades, but it’s metallic tones give it an alternative twist, that makes it something more than standard. Polished aluminium, completely adjustable and part of the refined Artemide collection. A collection encompassing, hanging, wall and floor lamps and extending to ceiling lights suitable for all rooms. Slim line designs and adjustable features, in a range of finishes to suit individual rooms and design choices.


Living Room

We all crave more space and if you have yet to find space for a desk or don’t have the luxury of a home office, then the place to reply to emails, internet shop or even work is often from the sofa. Lighting the suits working in the living room definitely has two roles; looks and practically. From the same range as the micro-lamp; Artemede Tolomeo, with the same functional design details, my choice would be the black and very elegant mega black floor lamp, the perfect lamp for directing light, over the sofa when good light is needed to work with a screen. Adjustable to re-direct and light favourite accessories on a side table, or lift a dark corner. The Tolomeo Mega-black floor lamp is a statement piece, which gives a room a modern edge and creates a focal point.


Another choice for the living room: A lamp with beautiful design credentials: Flos Archimoon soft table lamp, Philippe Starck design. The softness of the lamp, combined with adaptable practicality, provides additional focused lighting.


If functionality over form is the most important factor, then the Luceplan Mix Table lamp, ticks all the boxes. It’s a reading lamp with a warm light and low energy consumption.

LuceplanMix table lamp

We can be inspired by interior design, but in our multi-tasking busy lives, lighting has a role to play at home, which is as much about making a statement, creating ambience and looking beautiful. It needs also work for us, when we are working.

See more of my collated home office inspiration is over on pinterest.

Partnership post with LampCommerce. All images courtesy: LampCommerce.

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