Intentions May #16

intentions mayMay, May, May. Book-ended by long weekends. Warmer days, longer days. The trees are laden with blossom. My cherry blossom obsession is currently set to ‘very high’. I particularly like standing under and staring upwards, the sky obscured by pink pom-poms.

Spring is in full throttle. This weekend, we took a walk in the woods, amongst carpets of bluebells and wild garlic, it’s a sensory wonder. Bluebells are my favourite flower, gazing on endless bluebells is life affirming. May’s mood is good.



I’ve been in quandary about May. Initially, I thought, I might not add much, if anything, to the table this month, just soak up the season. The useful thing about doing month by month intentions, is that now I can look back. I discovered that last May I put nothing on the table. May brings out my inner; ‘live in the moment’. However, the weekend proved a small motivation.

Overall for this year, I want to find a bit more balance and feel happier, which feels easy in May. May brings out all the positivity. The intentions each month are a moment to pause and reflect. I went back to my plans for the year, which I always aim to incorporate but, admittedly, the bigger overall plan sometimes gets pushed aside by the everyday to-dos.

The weekend, apart from a walk in the woods, a chance to absorb nature and slow down, I also had a rare block of time to myself. Instead of filling it with my usual to-do list/chores. I spent an hour taking photos (of blossom mostly) followed by time sitting in a cafe on my own, with a pot of tea and a magazine. Things I really enjoy and rarely do. I felt more balanced and happier. I think, as women, carers, parents, mothers we often forget to carve out time just for ourselves. In May, I urge you, to do what makes you happy (even if it’s just for a couple of hours).

This is my May:

intentions may

In the spirit of slowing down and taking time and because I have this really bad habit of eating lunch while replying to emails. Drinking tea while making phone calls or tidying up. This month: Stop. Drink tea. Read a magazine. Pause.

As I consume more of the internet, I consume less magazines. An intention for the year, was to switch off the internet more and find information elsewhere. A pile of magazine is perfect.  Small slice of time reading. Easy to dip into. Magazines for home and garden. Vogue for pure indulgent pleasure and ideas. Having cleared out my wardrobe, last month (very cathartic). I need some new clothes, Vogue has good ideas, I just can’t afford those particular ideas.


Top of the magazine pile is Lionheart, a locally produced small-scale magazine. the theme of the issue is time (appropriately). I’m in the process of discovering small-scale indie magazines, I’ve always been a glossy mag fan, there is something in the matt paper, simpler and beautiful pictures. The lack of overwhelming advertising that I really appeals and is very inspiring. I recommend Lionheart. Lionheart and my current brew of choice; green tea.

intentions May 16

Encouraged by the weekend photo-taking and how good it was to find that ‘zone’ for a while, absorbed in taking photos. I’m going to get out my camera and make a little more effort with my Instagram, my relationship with it waxes and wanes. At moment, I’ve a lot of enthusiasm for Instagram.

Reflecting back at last year, a weak points was organising activities school holidays, to improve on this; I shall be planning half-term. Calendar at the ready.

Lastly, phone, for the old-fashion use of phones; as a social tool. It’s the perfect month to get out more, be more social, or just pick up the phone and catch up.

That’s my May. Did you notice? The lines are gone from the table. The table has a tiled top and increasingly, I’ve found the lines between the tiles really distracting. This month, there is a board on the table; on the board, on the table.



  1. Midlife Singlemum

    I used to love magazines but I found it increasingly hard to find an article I hadn’t read before in different words but the same sentiments. There is something very decadant about a glossy magazine though. A touch of vicarious luxury. 

  2. Anya from Older Single Mum

    Lovely pics Gemma. I am also obsessed with blossom this year – it’s particularly spectacular and there’s some science behind it but no idea what. Thank you for the advice about stopping and just taking some space to breathe. Hope you have a wonderful May.  Sounds like you’ve got it going perfectly in the right direction. XX

  3. Emma

    Stunning photos Gemma, I like May here, not too hot, not too cold, beautiful blue skies and plenty of blossom.  Sadly my magazine reading has gone out of the window unless people bring me them! 😀 

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