Five things to see in Anglesey

North Wales is an overlooked gem for breaks and holidays. It’s the perfect destination for families, children, and pets, hosting a wide-range of activities and attractions. I’ve put together a list of some of the best things to see in Anglesey:

Newborough Beach

The undisputed family hot-spot in Anglesey is Newborough and its beach. On the Southern tip of Anglesey, you’ll find the small but charming village squirrelled next to a huge nature reserve. One of the largest dune systems in the UK is there to be explored, sitting next to a carefully preserved beach and forest. Between the beach, village, and wildlife, you can spend a great day outdoors in Newborough.

Foel Farm Park

Especially good for children who like to get up-close with animals, Foel Farm Park is a working farm not far from Newborough. The main attraction is getting a chance to take in all the sights and smells of a working farm, interacting with the many animals; pigs, sheep, donkeys, horses and more. During the spring, you’ll get a chance to bottle-feed a lamb, too!


Sitting on the Eastern arm of Anglesey, Beaumaris boasts a small collection of beautiful attractions. The Beaumaris Castle is an ancient fortification and prominent World Heritage site, well worth a visit if you’re interested in your history. If dragging your small child around a castle seems like a disaster, it might be worth trying your hand at catching some crabs on the Beaumaris Pier. Grab some bait from a local shop and see if you can get your hands on some fresh crabs.

Five things to see in Anglesey
Photo credit: Visit Beaumaris

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens

The Gardens are a 200 acre privately maintained estate on Anglesey, not far from Beaumaris, and perfect for a warm afternoon. The location was unfortunately devastated by floods in 2015, but the gardens have re-opened and are as beautiful as ever. The estate has some wonderful holiday cottages you can stay in as a launching point for the whole island of Anglesey.

South Stack Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is right at the far West of Anglesey is a lighthouse still in use by some seafarers navigating their way between Wales and Ireland; it’s about the closest you can get to Dublin without taking a ferry. Check the weather before you drive out, or phone ahead – the island can only be reached by a small bridge and unfortunately, this means you can’t visit in heavy weather.

South Stack, Anglesey

Photo Credit: Visit Anglesey. South Stack Light House

You’d do well to fit all of this (and much more!) into to just one family weekend away, but one visit should be enough to convince you that North Wales is the perfect destination for a mini-break!

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