Cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom

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Oh how I love Cherry Blossom. This post is dedicated to round posies of loveliness. It is probably one of those posts that will make only me happy, but hey! Who knows!

Cherry blossom trees are currently laden with blooms, for the moment in full bloom, but that moment is short. Cherry blossom is to be indulged in and obsessed over, like a teenage crush. Glorious and wonderful it blooms and within a few days is falling like confetti, crumpled under foot, tiny broken hearts.

There is a square in Bristol with three fabulous trees. A week ago, I stood below big blousey pinkness, thousands of flowers above me the wind drifted through the trees and they all sat firmly on the branches. A week later, under the same trees the gutters are pink and pink petals float away from the trees on the slightest breeze.

Up close there is a delicate feminine softness to cherry blossom. Stand back and the trees look like on drag queens, wrapped in heavy pom poms of pinkness, garish, almost too pink. Like candyfloss, a guilty pleasure of spun sugary sweetness.



I’m happy to admit I adore both candy floss and cherry blossom. I suspect my obsession with pink blossom, began in childhood walking home from school via ‘Cherry Tree walk’, at that age when pink equaled all things pretty. As a teenager I lost interest. Years later, when living in the North, my house was around the corner from a road named after a pit village in Rotherham but lined with the sweetest pink cherry blossom trees, in May they formed a pink tunnel between Victorian terraces. Heralding the end of grey, gloomy winter and I came, again, to look forward to the transformation the trees made.

You cannot fail to smile at cherry tree in full blossom, it is as if carnival has come to town and the trees have been decorated especially.  In Japan it’s a symbol of the transience of life. Over all too quick. Which is a bit gloomy. For me, it represents the hedonism of spring, the pursuit of pleasure in longer days and warmer weather, a reminder to indulge in nature and life. Cherry blossom is something to pause and behold while it lasts.

DSC_0098 (1)





There is a cherry tree behind our house, a few garden up. Its branches rise skyward. It is perfectly situated to collect the best of the evening light, golden pink it glows. On the best days contrasted against a blue sky background. Since writing this, it has rained and rained and I’ve watched most of the blossom come loose. There is something just a pretty about blossom scattered pavements, grey  turned to pink, as if the biggest wedding ever has just passed by.

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  1. Lianne

    yay, my tree is in full bloom too since this weekend, so beautiful. Big double petalled pink puff balls against dark red leaves. Annoyingly the heavy rain cut it short and halve the pettals already dropped to the ground, the patio is covered. Pippa & Ike played with them this morning as if it was snow…pink snow…they threw big hands full up in the air

  2. Molly

    BEAUTIFUL photos Gem. You win at the internet today. I think I know exactly where these were taken too! Also – Cherry Tree Walk is the most glam street name ever. Sounds like it’s straight out of a 1960s pop song or film! 

  3. Karen Barlow

    What a glorious explosion of pink on my screen. Beautiful shots Gemma. I too love blossom of any description and have an obsession with going to Japan at this time of year to see it in all its glory. Maybe now the children are getting older, I might do that one year? It’s such a gorgeous time of year and over so quickly but with so much possibility to look forward to 🙂

  4. Gemma Garner

    I also have a soft spot for cherry blossom! Those big blousey flowers look soft enough to roll around in 🙂 I’ve been pinching the odd bits of blossom here and there to put on my coffee table. Naughty but it looks so lovely!

  5. Annie

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I came back from Canada and the first thing I noticed driving home was that all the blossom had come out in the week that I’d been away. I *might* have had a little sulk to myself that it hadn’t waited for me.
    It’s still out here, and though it’s a bit wrong, I rather like seeing the petals blow off and the ‘confetti’ fall.
    Thanks for joining in Gemma 🙂

  6. Anya from Older Single Mum

    Was very excited to see this post and I will probably come back to it, as am equally thrilled to see the trees in full blossom near us and your photos capture it all perfectly. The colour is especially welcome as we’re on the coast and it can be a bit bleak until they sky is radiant blue. I find the sadness of it dropping it temporarily abated by the walking on and sight of the pink carpets we find ourselves on.  Super post. (Reminds me a bit of your Hot Cross Bun one – pure love and joy!) Thank you for writing and sharing xxx

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