Why More Brits are Choosing to Holiday in the UK in 2016


Each year during the summer school holidays, the prices of flights abroad rise, often to extortionate levels. Even budget airlines see dramatic price increases on flights to popular summer destinations thanks to the demand for travel during this time of the year. Because of this, a number of British families are unable to travel abroad for a summer holiday, whether it be due to the fact that they are on a low income or are unwilling to justify paying the inflated prices for each member of the family to travel. As a result, more and more Brits are choosing their native UK when it comes to choosing summer holiday destinations.

Cheaper Travel

Undoubtedly, travelling within the UK can be far cheaper than taking a trip abroad. Families holidaying in the United Kingdom can simply pack their car and leave, or take a train to their destination at far cheaper prices than flights during the peak summer months. Along with that, sites such as your parking space  make it simple for drivers to find cheap and secure places to park their car, forgoing hefty car rental prices that are charged abroad. With a whole range of destinations available in the UK including beach towns, rolling countryside and vibrant cities, British families are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to visit on holiday this summer, without having to break the bank.

More Familiarity

Although many popular resorts abroad are fully catered to English people, it can often be nice to go on holiday and still have the familiarity of home, especially if you’re travelling with young children. When travelling in the UK, there’s no need to worry about language barriers, getting lost on the roads, or overspending on your mobile phone bill as you won’t be charged for roaming. Holidaying in the UK can often be more comfortable for families, and there’s no need to worry about things such as changing your money to another currency or being charged for withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Exploring Home

More and more Brits are choosing to holiday in the UK rather than abroad as it gives them a chance to explore their native country in more depth. The UK is home to a whole wealth of gorgeous tourist attractions, holiday spots, beaches and plenty of things to do that are fun for the whole family. Not only that, but many of the areas in the UK are filled with British culture and heritage, giving families the chance to learn more about the history of their home country. As a starting point have a look at Bluestone Wales and Centre Parks UK. With so many different destinations to choose from and thousands of different things to do both free and paid, the UK definitely has enough different things for you and your family to see and do every single year.

If the price of flights is just too much for you this summer, there’s no need to forget the idea of going on holiday. Holidaying in the UK is becoming more and more popular as British families discover the amazing things the country has to offer.

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