​Home Improvements: unique window ideas

Unique Window Ideas

Most of us are looking to maximise space and get the best use of our homes. Rethinking windows can offer some striking transformation to a living space. Three unique ways with windows, you may not have considered.

When it comes to homes and interiors an often neglected area is windows. Light is such an important part of a home, it dictates how we use rooms, often which rooms we prefer at certain times of the day. We all crave more  light, with days getting longer, now is a good  time to consider how to maximise light and reconsider our windows.

We’ve found our forever home, new windows are costly, but it is a longterm investment. Something to enjoy for as long as we live in this house, which hopefully will be a good many years.

It’s easy to think in terms of extensions or builds as the best way to improve a home. Like many city dwellers, our garden is small, and extending is a cost beyond us. An investment, but less costly than building, is re-thinking windows.

Quality windows can improve the look of a home and increase it’s value. Good windows with reduce energy costs, keeping warmth in and cold out.

Three unique window ideas:

Roof Lanterns  are beautiful peaked roof lights, that change flat roofs into a delightful feature and maximise precious daylight. Replacing a roof with a roof lantern transforms spaces into something bright and airy, more light gives the illusion of bigger spaces. Roof lanterns have a  huge wow factor. Personally, this is something I’d love for the back of our kitchen.

Stylistically appropriate and an alternative to white pvc replacement windows are composite windows. Composite windows are a combination of timber interior and aluminium exterior, with powder coated colour choices. Low maintenance and very durable, composite windows give a modern home an extra twist, with dark striking window frames.  Sympathetically update a Victorian house with traditional coloured window frames.

Keep sound out; city dwellers will appreciate the little annoyances of city living; the police helicopter circling over-head, always just at bed time. Loud conversations in the street at 2 am. As airports get busier, air craft noise impacts on city dwellers and those seeking quieter country living.  Our homes are our retreat, a space to shut out the world and unwind. Soundproof windows provide that benefit, keeping noise at bay.  Perfect too for keeping sound in. Enjoy the radio turned up loud or practice a musical instrument and know noise won’t be a issue.


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