Six months of sustainable living with IKEA

Here we are at the end of the IKEA Live Lagom project, our part of it at least. Six months of more sustainable living. IKEA’s commitment to sustainable living continues. Actually, my commitment continues too.

The Live Lagom project aimed to support us in saving money, energy and water, reducing waste and living a healthier lifestyle. Recycling and reducing energy, living simply, are things that we try, as a family, to incorporate. Everyone benefits from stepping back and reconsidering how they live. I thought we were doing OK in terms of how sustainable our lifestyle is, given we live in a Victorian terrace in a city. From the first home visit, the project proved we could do better.

Six months of more sustainable living IKEA

We’ve learnt to use our home a little better; lighting the kitchen surfaces, rather than the whole kitchen. I went back and looked at the manuals, turned down the boiler, found a different setting for the dishwasher. Small stuff that makes savings.

We loved:

We really enjoyed growing things, despite it (at the moment) being less than successful. Watching for shoots, tending and re-potting. The growing packs didn’t work out as well as I hoped. Last year, we grew tomatoes from seed and they flourished. Perhaps, it’s this year’s conditions, maybe there will be a late development. The pack as a whole ‘everything you need’ is great, the plants are just struggling. We do, however, have thriving herbs. There is a joy in ‘home grown’.

Living simply IKEA Live Lagom

Products I loved:

LED lighting is more energy saving than standard energy saving bulbs, I had no idea there was a cheaper alternative to the low-watt bulbs we were using. To begin with, I did struggle with the LED lighting, finding the standard ones too bright. Once, I found what suited, any marginal differences in light tone, were quickly forgotten. It’s definitely worth switching to LED. Do some research for the tone and brightness that suits you.

Re-chargeable batteries, who knew! Something so simple. Am finding great satisfaction in not buying batteries.

Throws and lighting, there’s a corner of my living room that has been much improved. It is better lit, an angled IKEA lamp and a throw made winter cosier and slightly winter warmer without turning up the heating.

Live Lagom IKEA sustainability project

Continuing to Live Lagom:

An aim was to add blinds to our living room, to keep the heat in over winter. The fabric was part of my IKEA shop. The other blind pieces have just taken me a while to organise. A date has (finally) been set to hand over it all over to my Aunt who is going to make them.  A more committed Lagom-er might make their own blinds. IKEA has shown me that sewing is not for me. The last IKEA workshop was a sewing project. I’ve not sewn since school and I was awful. All that school-angst returned when faced with a sewing machine. I found making things more stressful than it probably is. Sewing machines are alien creatures. I love the idea of making things, but actual sewing, other that holes in socks, isn’t for me.

team-work2 (1)

We can all benefit from making small changes to live more sustainably, for ourselves, our children and as part of committing our planet. Small changes have reduced our monthly energy costs by 20%, I’m very pleased with that.

The lovely thing about this project is that we’ve not been doing it in isolation. Across the UK, other Live Lagomers also made changes. Being part of a bigger project is great motivator and it is useful to see what ideas and experiences others have. If you have an opportunity to sign up to Live Lagom – I’d recommend it. Ask at your local IKEA. Become an IKEA Family member and get email updates.


I was part of the IKEA Live Lagom Project, all words and opinions are my own.  More details are on this post here



  1. Emma

    There’s just something so satisfying about the whole process isn’t there, whether it’s saving money or protecting the environment.  Your book corner makes me want to pop over and hibernate there for a while! 😀 

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