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The room in our home which has taken most time to evolve is our bathroom. There things about the bathroom I love and things I’m really not very keen on. A changing a bathroom is a big investment, however small changes can be affordable and quick and give the bathroom a new look without the cost associated with changing a suite.

I’ve gathered some bathroom ideas and inspiration with SuperBath. The bathroom needs to be practical and functional, a room that is used by family and guests.


Showers are perfect for busy lives, but more and more showers have developed to offer a little more luxury in the bathroom. Grohe showers, have wide shower heads reminiscent of boutique hotels, combined with hand held massage units. Updating an old shower unit to something both functional and indulgent is an investment without changing the whole bathroom.


Storage is important in a bathroom and shelving is a good way to use wall height to maximise space, whilst being affordable. Add baskets to shelf to hide away items and reduce clutter.

Recently, we’ve added a big wooden shelf. We bought the wood from a timber yard. My partner sanded and varnished the wood, to bring out the grain. We bought big brackets because the wood it heavy and we wanted the shelf well-supported. Rather than storage, I’ve lined the shelf with plants, it makes a great feature across one wall.


Plants are easy to add and make a great feature in bathroom. As long as you have a window for with good light. We are have a spider plant which is easy to grow and does well in the moist and humid environment and is therefore perfect for the bathroom. A new addition is a string of heart plants, it also likes humidity, but I must be careful not to over water it.


Update a bathroom more cheaply than replacing the entire suite, by changing the taps. Replace tired, worn or dated taps with new fresh looking, modern taps. Have a chat with a plumber, it is easier than you might expect, most baths and sinks have universal options. Taps can be replaced and updated, for something slimline or modern, in durable chrome. Giving a bathroom a make-over at reduced cost.


A quick and affordable way to change any room is paint the walls. Most of us have small bathrooms, light colours will make a bathroom look bigger.  Use paint that is suited to bathrooms and resistant to moisture and mould. A bathroom is somewhere to relax. Consider soft greens or pale greys for soothing tones. Subtle, matching tones work well in small rooms, giving the illusion of more space and light.  Missing colour? Add a splash of bright via bath mats, shower curtains or towels.

What elements make your perfect bathroom?

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