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photo credit Unsplash Imani Clovis

photo credit Unsplash Imani Clovis

We all love the beauty of wood and wood flooring. However, wood floors are sensitive to humidity and moisture in the atmosphere and can warp or bow. Engineered oak wood flooring has the look and beauty of real wood but is manufactured to a high standard, using technology which makes it durable flooring surface, which is fast becoming the most popular type of wood flooring choices.

What is engineered oak wood flooring?

One of the wood industry’s premier flooring products. It has a real hardwood surface and is made from layers of wood over high density fiberboard (HDF). This creates a very stable surface, which gives it a strength and it is makes it extremely resistant to moisture and humidity.

Natural and unique

Engineered flooring has a hard wood surface, unlike laminate. The individual grain of oak gives an engineered floor the natural and unique floor covering of solid wood, with easier fitting and without concerns of swelling or movement sometimes associated with wood floor boards.

Range of finishes

Available in a range of oak finishes to suit various interiors and tastes from from light almost white oak finishes, through golden to dark oak. Choose wax, oiled or hand scraped surfaces. A hand scraped surface is increasingly popular, a craftsman finished surface, it gives an aged, worn look to the wood, which gives a modern rustic feel to newer homes and is fitting for older Victorian properties. A rustic finish has all the minor imperfections of wood which make it unique.


Easy fit

Boards are pre-finished and therefore have a reduced installation time and are easier to fit than solid wood floors.


No matter how often you clean; carpets hold dust and dirt, irritants to adults and children with dust allergies or asthma. Wood floors reduce provide a more hygienic environment. Those with dust allergies or asthma may choose to replacing carpets with well fitted engineered wood flooring.

Underfloor heating

Engineered wood can be fitted over underfloor heating, because it is not subject to movement or heat in the same way as a solid wood floor. Underfloor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat a room. Unlike radiators, which heat the space around them, underfloor heating heats across the room and of course, does away with the need for space for radiators. It is the heating choice for modern homes.

A range of board sizes

The technology and manufacturing process of engineered wood means that wider sized boards than traditional solid wood floors, can be produced. Offering a broad range of options and individual looks for interiors.


  • Use a mat at the front door to catch small stones and similar. Small abrasive items will, over time, damage floors, especially if trodden in by shoes.
  • Sweep with a soft brush or hoover regularly, using soft brush hoover attachment.
  • Clear up spills as soon as possible. Liquids left on an engineered wood surface can mark or damage the floor.
  • Use gentle cleaners. Most supermarkets sell wood floor gentle detergents. Follow the manufactures guidelines. If using a detergents mixed with water, wash with water sparingly, do not leave pools of water on the floor, mop up damp floors with towels.


  • Steam cleaners. The heat and intensity of the cleaning can damage flooring.
  • Harsh bleach based cleaning products or strong natural products such as vinegar.
  • Like laminate, vinyl or wood floors, engineered wood floors can be marked by stilettos heals.


Wood floors are an interiors classic, the choice of stylish home owners, they don’t date and are enduring. It is product which is long wearing with a versatile choice of finishes.

Wood provides a neutral base for a range of colour schemes balancing light airy colours or adding depth to dark wall colour choices.

The range of finishes of engineered wood provides choice. The classic basis of oak makes a perfect flooring choice for a range of room themes, from modern rustic, vintage to shabby chic. Provides the simple flooring to minimalist clutter free homes or works perfectly with the restraint of Scandi inspired rooms. Rug choices are plentiful from luxury, thick wool to more cost effective cotton coverings. The benefits of rugs is that they can be easily be changed to updated a living space, giving a room a different look or feel.

Engineered oak wood flooring provides a modern flooring option with a range of benefits over traditional flooring, making it an increasingly popular choice.

Photo credit: Unsplash Breather

Photo credit: Unsplash Breather


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