7 things you need to know before renovating your home

Renovating your home isn’t going to be smooth sailing all the time, there’s going to be dust, mess and potentially disagreements with tradespeople, so here are seven things you should bear in mind before you get that plasterer in:

1. You WILL need that ‘just in case’ fund

Things are going to go wrong, or you’re going to uncover something potentially disastrous when you pull cabinets out or take off wallpaper. It’s all part and parcel of a home renovation and while it might sound a little like scaremongering, you’ll be thankful of that back up stash of cash if something does happen. Fingers crossed it isn’t needed and you can use the money on something nice!

2. You need to have the right equipment and materials

You absolutely have to ensure that you have the right tools, equipment and materials to complete the project properly. For larger renovations, much of this will be covered off by your builders but for smaller tasks – painting a flat roof, a garage door or external floors – it’s down to you. The wrong paint will not complete the job properly, so it’s not just a case of buying a nice colour. Instead, consult a specialist – Rawlins Paints are based in Leeds but have an online presence.

3. Projects will probably over run

Tradespeople are sometimes notorious for late deadlines but often it’s not entirely down to their work – things such as sickness, waiting for parts or even weather can affect the time scale on a home renovation. Be prepared for your work to be completed at least a couple of weeks later than you expect; plan around this fact and ensure you aren’t relying on the renovation to be complete by a certain date for an important reason.

4. Light is important

Before you give the nod to those new plans for the kitchen carefully consider your home’s position and how the light features in the room – many homeowners have been caught out with a newly renovated room that doesn’t work because it plays against the available light.

Bear in mind for example that if your kitchen is facing north you will need to plan cabinets carefully near the window – this is because the sun rises in the east, moves over the south and sets in the west – and you will need to keep the window clear to take advantage of the available light.

5. Dust covers are necessary

Dust gets everywhere in a home renovation if you are knocking down walls or plastering them, so it’s important you invest in dust sheets and use them properly. Anything fabric must be covered or you could be cleaning them for weeks afterwards to remove the dust, while surfaces can perhaps get away without sheets but will need to be wiped properly.

Don’t leave anything such as keyboards or electrical items exposed as the dust can get in the mechanics and affect their working ability.

6. You should have insurance

You can sign up for renovation home insurance that should cover you and your home while it’s being done up. Home renovation insurance usually covers properties while they are empty and awaiting renovation to start, protects the owner if something should go wrong with structural work and can then be converted into standard home insurance once the job is done.

It’s worth taking out for peace of mind should anything go wrong when you’re knocking down that wall or pulling out the plumbing.

7. Double check if you need planning permission

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone coming along and telling you all that work needs to be stopped on your renovation because you require planning permission or can’t get it. Go to your local council straight away if you’re undertaking a big job that requires significant changes or extensions to your home, to ensure you can complete the work.

photo credit: Ivan Krutainis Unsplash

photo credit: Ivan Krutainis Unsplash


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