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plants bathroom

Low maintenance plants are my thing, succulents are my current favourite as they need very little watering. I’m on a mission to slowly fill our bathroom with plants. It is quite a big space and plants are perfect for adding texture and colour to an otherwise white and basic room. I’ve gathered a list of 5 plants for the bathroom, all of which thrive in the steamy, humidity of bathrooms. Having baths and showers takes care of the plants (easy multi-tasking). I’m a sucker for images on Pinterest; tiny bathrooms packed with greenery and love Victorian glasshouses, even the most English plants feel tropical under the warmth of Victorian glass panels.  A bathroom is the perfect for creating a botanical feel and inspiration for me are the glass houses at my local National Trust, Tyntesfield and the Botanical gardens in Oxford.

Bathroom plants

Bathroom plants botanical inspiration

Filling a bathroom with plants is my opportunity create my own plant paradise and over set a white bathroom suite with greenery, giving the room a tropical edge.

Plants make easy interior adds, relatively cheap, they soften spaces and fill gaps. Bathrooms are tricky to add to, pictures can get damaged by steam. Often the smallest room, painted in light colours to  maximise space. Plants can be squeezed in to put a personal stamp on simple back drop. Many plants purify the air and absorb toxins, so they improve not only the look of a room but add to wellbeing.

I bought simple plain white plant pots B&Q, Ikea sell very reasonably prices white pots and great tin pots. Terracotta bought from garden centres aren’t just for outside, the orangery colour, topped with greenery lends a warmth and gives a ‘glass house’ feel.

For something different, vintage shops are great for 60’s plant stands, or repurpose a big olive oil tin to hold plants.

Bathroom plants are easy to add and make a great feature in a plain rom. As long as you have a window for with good light.

5 Plants for the bathroom

1. Peace lily, lush deep green leaves and striking white flowers. A peace lily doesn’t need loads of light, so avoid placing in direct light. It hates being over watered, so check on it once a month and the humidity of the bath should keep it content.

2. Next on my wish list is a Boston fern, which enjoy humidity and so are perfectly suited to bathroom life. Keep soil damp and mist; gently spray with water. The foliage is full and textured, a Boston fern will fill a good gap in a bathroom.

3. String of hearts plant has beautiful heart-shaped leaves, on long trailing stems, place the plant somewhere high or where the stems can trail, along a shelf. Let them dry out between watering, they like humidity of a bathroom and don’t need lots of water.

string of hearts bathroom plant

bathroom plants

4. For something low maintenance succulents are very easy care and perfect for small spaces. I’ve a collection in my bathroom, sourced mostly from Aldi while on special offer. Water lightly, once a month. Succulents are a group of plants that store water in their leaves. Ranging in colour and shape, find them in florists and large DIY stores, tiny ones are very cheap. Repot them, using succulent appropriate soil. Our local garden centre sells both the plant and specialist soil. They can grow to a medium sized plant or keep them tiny and cute.

bathroom plants

5. Spider plants are super easy to grow. There are plain and variegated versions. My bathroom plant started as a small cutting from a friend and now sits on a plant stand and trails towards the bath. The beauty of spider plants is they constantly grow babies (it’s ok to snip them off). Look out for friends with spider plants and ask for a cutting. A new plant can cost you nothing, simply pop the obvious roots in some soil and it will quickly establish.

bathroom plants

bathroom plants


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