Intentions September #16

Thoughts on the changing season.

The geraniums are fading, I plucked a single decent bloom in the rain this morning, before my small boy went eagerly back to school. I can’t deny autumn is in the air. Over the weekend, my reservations towards the change in the season have shifted, but the first pressing issue of September is the car.

The current debate in our house is; ‘Can we live without a car?’. The car is dead, consigned to the scrap yard, inadvertently with my son’s favourite CD in the CD player (he hasn’t noticed, yet). Having delivered us back from France, the car popped and stopped by the side of the road, the journey home was completed via relay truck. Repairing it is more than its worth and unlikely to prolong it’s life by much. We know people who manage perfectly without a car. The Mr, whose interest and reliance on cars is minimal, thinks we don’t need a car. Me, I feel slightly trapped without a car. Starved of green spaces. It is an irrational starvation. Bristol has good transport, accessing outside of the city without a car is not that difficult. There is a flexibility and convenience that I already miss.

As I type this, I’m wearing jeans I’ve not worn since before the summer, I’m pulling sweaters from the drawer for standby duty. Buses that don’t run to time on cold mornings. Cycling back from the supermarket on dark evenings. Autumn into winter weather. Can we live without a car? Yes (probably). Do I want to live without a car? No (definitely).

thoughts for September. living without a car.

Yesterday, I wandered about a car park looking for cars that look “nice”. The complexities of cost, miles per gallon and boot capacity is something I’ve yet to fathom. This is going to be a time-consuming activity. A “Parkers Car Price Guide” has been purchased. Thousands of car prices listed in tiny print. Which, reminded me in September to get my eyes tested. Hence on the table this month, there are glasses.

My reservations about September, isn’t just the change in the season and darker evenings (I am definitely a spring/summer person). I have an unease, a feeling that the year is slipping away, I question if I have achieved enough. Over this weekend, I read Molly’s post full of optimism for autumn. The ‘back to school’ element of September, the new page, new beginnings. I’ve made a conscious effort to shift my view. My aim for September is to embrace the blank page. September is for organising and the planning that will take me through winter. In snatched moments over the summer, I’ve been jotting down ideas for this space; posts and plans. There are some other personal changes I want to develop, with summer behind us and the slower pace of September, there is the time to ruminate. I enjoy idea notebooks, creating plans and making lists and September is for that. Hello, September. I think I rather like you.

intentions September 2016. On the table this month.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    Eyes tested – check (on Friday). Making plans – check. Autumn clothes out – check. I won’t be buying a car though as we live in a much smaller place so we don’t need one, although I appreciate the freedom and flexbility aspect. I think if I lived in the UK it’d be much harder to live without a car and you’d find yourself doing less because the hassle of public transport makes it less attractive to go somewhere.

  2. 76sunflowers

    I do love September but I get so emotionally mixed at this time of year with birthdays, back to school and back to work but do like to look on this month with a new page kind of feeling. As for the car – I loved it when I didn’t have mine – but husband still had his! – as it made me walk everywhere, no excuses. But no car at all? I would struggle. Good luck! x

  3. Over a Cuppa

    I think September is a great planning month, though I look at the date 7th already and feel I am behind already.

    I spend a lot of time beating myself up about not achieving everything I imagined I either needed or wanted to. The thing is it is my list and me beating myself up so I have decided to ditch expectations a little.

    I actually think I will get more done. Which brings me on to the car issue. I don’t drive, I can…we do have a car sat outside the house or in a near by street already for me to jump in. Of course I remain as I have for the 17 years that I passed and not get into the driving seat. But everything does take longer when not driving. I totally love walking everywhere but sometimes and hour to pick a shopping or juggling times with public transport times does suck a little..a lot.

    But you will get fitter on the plus side and notice far more things around you than if you were car bound. Do agree with Viv no car at all may be a bit of a challenge. I would miss my chauffeur (husband). xxx

  4. helloitsgemma

    Don’t beat yourself up, but I know that feeling and I like the idea of ditching expectation. Enjoy September and I agree, I am getting fitter, cycling back up hill from supermarket laden with groceries is helping!

  5. Emma

    It’s strange here. It feels quite autumnal, but it’s still blinking hot. I am actually looking forward to wearing jeans and winter clothes again! Incidentally, the weather here will remain wonderful until Saturday morning when Oktoberfest starts – typical! Good luck with the search for the new car, if you decide to go for one, Idon’t envy you that! x

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