7 autumn updates for the bedroom

7 autumn updates for the bedroom

Evenings are getting darker earlier and now is the time think interiors and ready our homes for shorter and colder days ahead. The mix of autumn weather, bleak days as a reminder of cold months coming and warm days perfect for washing and nesting, make a good time to start preparing for winter. Today, I’m focussing on the bedroom. Short cuts to making the bedroom cosy and more appealing over the winter months from soft furnishings to heaters; 7 autumn updates for the bedroom.



With shops full of new autumn stock, now is a good time to buy bedding. I’ve a bit of thing for simple, white and greys and my ideal bedroom (if Pinterest were real life) would be a simple Scandi feel. Duvet covers are an affordable update for the new season. Midnight blues and dark greys are, for me, the colours of hibernation.

2. Soft furnishings

You don’t have to change the all bedding to change the feel of the room or to update the look of the bed. An affordable idea is to add a new cushion or invest in new pillow cases to bring some colour or change of pattern. There is nothing nicer than being propped up in bed with a good book, surrounded by the comfort of cushions and pillows on dark nights, when the rain is slanted at the window and the wind blowing a gale.

3. Bedroom Heaters

Heating a bedroom is so important. No one likes going to bed or waking up in a cold room. Invest in electric heaters now ready for the winter months. Silent in use and easy to install, electric heaters heat up more quickly than conventional radiators. Thermostatic controls maintain heat and are more efficient and cost-effective way to heat a room. A heater with a programmer makes economic sense, heating up the room just when you need it. Electric heaters are a good alternative to storage heaters, which by their nature, storing at night for heat during the day work less well for a bedrooms occupied at night.

4. Throws

An extra throw on the bed is not only additional warmth but adds interest and texture to simple bedding. I love thick wool blankets and throws, they make a bed feel a more cosy. Choose thick fabrics for a luxe feel or old fashion checked blankets for a more vintage look.

5. Lighting

I’m a little over strings of lights for bedrooms. An adjustable reading lamp in a warm brass tones is top of my bedside table wish list. If you love your centre lampshade and don’t want to change it, my guess is it’s not been used much over the summer. Get up on a chair and hoover away dust and cobwebs before it is pressed into more frequent service over winter.

6. Storage

Organise and store. I love a wash day in September, while the sun is still shining. Fresh washed, summer tops, dresses and sandals are packed away for winter. Some go into the bottom drawer, while sandals are put into storage bags under the bed. Reducing clutter and making more room for winter woolies.

7. Framing

Not is the time to frame those holiday memories, don’t leave summer photos languishing on the computer. Treat yourself to some nice frames and brighten up your bedroom with sunshine snaps, a reminder on cold mornings of long sunny days ahead.

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  1. Over a Cuppa

    I love natures cue’s to cosy up and do a bit of hibernating preparation. Oh how I wished my bedroom looked like one of those.

    After re-doing Bex’s bedroom from a young teen to 17 look, I am seem to be hosting a few boxes of her belongings.

    Our bedroom is the only room in the house not to have been touched (decoration wise…I am not that bad!) since we moved three years ago. Really need to change that but in the meantime a cosy looking throw may have to do!

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