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This post has an ulterior motive. I’m sharing a few of my favourite beauty products, and this is the ulterior motive; if I show you mine……will you tell me yours? I use the term ‘beauty’ loosely. Products that make me feel good, would be a better description.

It’s rude to look in other people’s bathroom cupboards and the days of sitting in a friend’s bedroom drinking wine, whilst poking around their dressing table are gone.  I’m fascinated by what products other people use, if they use any at all and am quite evangelical about my favourites.  

Before the summer, I used a product called ‘Footner’. You dip your feet in a gel for an hour and the product encourages a layer of skin to drop off over the course of 10 days. Should I have given a disclosure before sharing that? Sorry, if you are snacking. My feet at the end of the process were soft and lovely, the middle process fascinating and slightly weird. I thought so anyway.  I told anyone who would listen, and a few who clearly didn’t want to know the details of my feet, but it’s good to share.

Over the last few years my attitude to spending on beauty products has changed, I buy more products and spend more. Maybe a last-ditch attempt to stem the tide of ageing. Or it might be that I’ve come to appreciate quality. My faithful friends are cleansing and moisturising, the basics. I’ve added additional layers of products. For me, there is a joy in the occasional faff of extra products; masks, tonics, oils. There is also comfort in the daily ritual, slowing for a moment to cleanse and moisturise. For a long bath my treat is Clarins ‘Relax. Bath & Shower concentrate’. Used so sparingly, I have a tiny amount left from a bottle given to me last Christmas. I’m saving it for now for a very cold afternoon, when I’ve been caught in the rain, or some other minor disaster. One of those baths, that redeems the day.

I’m not good at make-up, so products have become my ‘thing’, to buff up, a mostly, bare face. Long time readers of this space, might know that I religiously read Sali Hughes beauty column in the Guardian. On my Pinterest you’ll find a board of collected Sali recommendations. Should you need a product, off the top of my head, I can suggest a Sali recommendation. I am fan girl and find her reviews honest, reliable and a good mix of the expensive and the very affordable. These are a mix of Sali recommendations and things I picked up along the way and come to love.

6 favourite beauty products. Tried, tested and loved. These are mine. What are yours?

‘Clarins Beauty Flash balm’, to my knowledge Sali has never recommended this, however lots of my friends have. In order to discover more, I spend time (I will never get back) reading an entire Mumsnet thread devoted to berating this product, which taught me a lot about Mumsnet. It’s one those easy products that just does the job, quick application of extra glow (Ignore Mumsnetters).

‘MOA – Green Balm’ This is my frog to prince product. It came in an event goodie bag, a non-Sali emigrant to my bathroom. On the jar it is described as “multi-purpose”. Initially, I wasn’t impressed by the thick texture of the balm and the herby scent; yarrow and tea tree. It’s not an overwhelming scent and actually very soothing. It’s turned out to be a prince among products; lip balm, face mask, cleanser, calms redness, soothes dry skin. Useful all-rounder.

‘Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask’. I am entirely converted to the cult of hot cloth cleansing, a minor cleansing revolution led by the Boudica of cleansing Liz Earle. I’m not huge fan of the rest of her range, but I love the little tube of brightening mask. Masks used to be a lengthy and indulgent treat, this I love because it does brighten and it only takes 3 minutes.

‘Pixi Glow Tonic’. Claims to exfloliate and even skin tone, product Queens Caroline Hirons and Sali were suitably enthusiastic about it (a double win, in my view). Leaves my skin definitely feeling smoother and cleaner. I was told, it sells out super quick and that was enough me to hand over the cash.

‘Clairns Oil’. This is stupidly expensive for 30 ml of oil, it works out at about £10 per ml. It does genuinely last for ages, as use is literally two or three drops. Blue Orchid is my preference for dehydrated skin. There is a choice of 3 depending on skin needs. It’s not an everyday product, an occasional plump and pep before bed. My skin definitely looks ‘plumper’ in the morning. Plump vs. fine lines is a good thing. Imagine a feather pillow after a good shake. That.

Sail devoted an entire column to this product, which for me is the ultimate praise and without question, I would buy it. ‘Ren Instant Brightening Beauty shot eye lift’. More stupidly expensive than the previous product, but honestly the most tiny amount is needed and it goes on with a zing, and feels as if it’s been in the fridge. For someone who spends too much time squinting at blue-screen devices, a soothing boost for tired eyes.

These are 6 of my favourite products, products that soothe and comfort all of which I’d recommend wholeheartedly. Go on tell me yours.

6 favourite beauty products


  1. Emily

    You have a Sali inspired Pinterest board?! I’m definitely getting a look at that. I’ve been thinking of a similar post mostly to sing the praises of M&S hot cloth cleanser. I’m going to rip you off 😉 and link to you for my faves. 

  2. Purple Ella

    I love your fan girl status as it means I have someone to ask about these things. My favourite product is wild rose beauty balm from Neil’s Yard. It sounds like a similar product to MAO, and I use it as face mask, cleanser, lip balm, and it’s also works well on any sore skin on the children. It has the added advantage of smelling like my favourite Turkish Delight, yum. 

  3. Gemma Evans

    It was nice to read about all these products; may have to add a few to my Christmas list 🙂 I have really sensitive skin so I tend to look for natural products without synthetic fragrance. My favourites are Weleda Almond Cream (so gentle), Dr Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum and Weleda Skin Food for my feet. I’ve been using Weleda products for years and have nothing but good words to say about them.

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