Intentions October #16

Saturday marked the start of October, at just after 8 am, my boy and me were stood at an empty bus stop. It was grey, drizzling and miserable. Still car-less it is two bus to journey to Saturday swimming lessons. Leaving a whole hour earlier. Every September Saturday it has been sunny and blue skies and the bus a mini adventure.

Two buses later, we are early (better early than late) and, as has become habit, stopped at a cafe. Cupping a hot chocolate and gazing out on the grey, I decided I don’t like October and that I need to form some decisions for the month, to make October good.

October happy stuff

Autumn can no longer be ignored, as much as I have been padding about the house in a half-light, refusing to accept I need a lamp, it is autumn.  My mood has shifted, low light, chill mornings, the calendar free of events and festivals that filled the summer months. Falling leaves, a change of the clocks brings, for me, a sense of melancholy. This month, I’m cramming intentions onto the table and then some, giving October some form and fullness to keep me busy and reduce the ‘meh’.

The sorting of September is the recycling, charity-shop-dropping and Ebay-ing of October.  This blog is 6 and some of September was spent reflecting back and looking forward….. more on that soon.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do”.

Small reminders to myself, the meaning of which, for the moment, I’m keeping close. An aim for October is to make time to push out of my comfort zone, challenges give way to other emotion, and less room for melancholy. I don’t want to be defeated by rainy days and dark evenings. After the drizzle of Saturday, Sunday was beautiful, blue skies and warmth, a reminder that October is a mixed bag and it’s finding those good bits and squeezing the most out of them, amongst the grey, cooler days. 

quotes - everyone needs a good quote

Picking up my camera, is finding my happy.  In the last couple of months my Instagram mojo has been waning, I can’t seem to find my groove.  When I spend time on Instagram I love it, the community is lovely, there is a connection missing in other places.  It is pretty and inspiring. The colour change of October is a good enough reason to pick up my camera and find  my Insta-groove again.

Good things to look forward to; confetti and Euros, am going to a wedding in Spain over October half term.

Comfort; longer evenings demand a book and I am about to start Home by Marilynne Robinson. 

In summary; cars are expensive and confusing. There is a well thumbed copy of ‘Parkers car price guide’ on the table. In the meantime, I am a cyclist and in doing so, I’ve found parts of the city new to me, which I’ve love, but we miss not having a car, especially on rainy Saturdays.  The quest continues.

The silver book for C****mas lists and present buying is making an early appearance, this year I choose to get organised early. I say no more.

In October, I’m keeping busy and finding the happy in small things.

Happy October to you.

Intentions October. Getting through October.


  1. Over a Cuppa

    Ahh October is a funny month. Yesterday evening I spotted the first of the Autumn celebrations other wise known as a beautiful tree in it’s beautiful red glory. It was evening low light so I couldn’t take a photo.

    I actually like October, though my body does suddenly slow down and get more tired. Which I find very annoying. That aside, it is a great time to push the ‘hygge’ thing… and add gorgeous warming soups, warm lighting, blankets for the sofa and generally enjoy a bit of snug!

    Mind in the day, our house already feels a bit chilly, I love the open doors to the garden fresh feel and not great and shutting them.

    When my two were younger, October always was an excuse to gather with friends for Halloween. More than often at our house. Comfort food, then the Dad’s stay in for the door knockers and the Mum’s and children went out trick or treating. Only to people we knew of course and so many people especially older neighbours loved this time! I must say I really miss this!

    So despite missing that, I think October is rather a nice month and one to be enjoyed before November xxx

  2. Midlife Singlemum

    We are still waiting for the autumn weather – it was 32 degrees yesterday and was supposed to be only 27 today but felt hotter. Back to work, however reminds me that Autumn is on the way despite the weather. BTW, did you enjoy The God of Small Things?

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