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Last week, I bought a new winter coat and have worn it everyday since. It’s fluffy and I love it. What I’m wearing underneath barely matters, just throw on the coat. Right there, is a good thing about autumn – the clothes. Effortless-throw-on coats, woolly jumpers, soon to be worn woolly tights. Boots and wellies.

Every morning we walk past a big tree that sits just within the perimeter of a church. This morning its top leaves are golden again a bright blue sky. Crisp sunshine and steamy breaths. I have this thing with autumn, it brings a distinct sense of melancholy as the evenings draw in and temperatures drop, the leaves turn. Today, I reminded myself, I can feel blue at the grey or I can relish the gold. The beauty of having a blog is the snap-shots of events and moods it reflects. Over the last week, I’ve been reflecting back on posts written last winter and the winter before. It’s taught me a few things.

Bristol is brilliant in the summer, there are festivals and events and it takes a little effort to see people or find things to do, often there is something going on-on our very door step. Bristol delivers summer on plate, mostly with a side of sunshine. In the North, our summers were different.  We sought out more things to do; exploring the Peak District, long days in local parks. Come September a grey cloud descended, mornings misty, a distinct shift in the season. The odd sunny autumn days relished and cherished. Yet the activities of the seasons flowed one into the other. We still spent long days in the park and explored the Peak. We just wrapped up warmer.

In Bristol, as things slow into autumn, I miss the activity of summer. Bristol is a vibrant city, the things to do are there, I just have to look a little bit harder. Make a little more effort. Wrap up warmer and get out.  This is cosy season and I love cosy. Cushions, candles and blankets. The Hygge vibe, hibernating, thick socks and sweat pants. Enjoying home, living more inside than out. Re-finding the home.  September saw me clearing cupboards and re-organising shelves. Subconsciously nesting for winter. Preparing the space we will live in a little more, than we did over the summer. Instead of  weekends out of the house, changes in the season bring slower mornings, longer evenings. PJ Sundays. Fireside afternoons of films. Slow cooking. Autumn and winter is for home living. Ignoring the outside world, flicking the channel on potentially bad presidents and hard Brexits. Instead, I’m turning on fairy lights and re-finding old films.

This time of year, I get an overwhelming urge to ‘tweak’ this blog and reflect back. This blog has now existed for 6 years.  When you beginning blogging you don’t expect to develop this complicated relationship with a space on the internet. To feel joy, loyalty, pride, and sometimes frustration, confusion and indifference.  This blog feels a better fit than it has done in a while, a more comfortable fit. That it suits me better. Like a fluffy coat. I hope it suits you the reader. Hello it’s Gemma gently plods on.  I’ve turned off to the noise elsewhere, realising the blogs I love most are the one that do their own thing, regardless of trends, ebbs and flows. The constantly evolving nature of blogging and social media fascinates me, but I don’t have to jump on every wagon to get where I want to be.

For a long time, if anyone asked I couldn’t really say what this blog was about. I think I’ve found some themes that suit this space and can happily say; ‘lifestyle, home and the odd bit of travel’. For the coming months; ‘positive living’. Less reactive (trying to improve my mood) more pro-active. Making good moods. Today, I’ve sought a change of scene, enjoyed a splash of low sunshine, ordered a herbal tea to improve my sleep patterns (it’s working, thanks too for the magnesium tips) and cake. Because this blog is 6 and who needs a reason more than that for cake?

There are stats and accolades and opportunities. The thing that makes a blog is the people who read and comment. Without all that it is pretty bleak. No amount of the other stuff makes-up for a lovely comment. So thank you. 

positive living autumn Positive ways to cope with the change of season


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    I think we must be about a month to 6 weeks behind you weatherwise as I’m experiencing all your September things now – preparing our home for living more in the great indoors, etc. But I relate to all your Autumn feelings and have a similar blog relationship as I’m also coming up to 6 years (in January). I find this time of year quite industrious as there is less distraction from the outside and you don’t feel guilty spending time indoors. Happy Autumn to you.

    1. helloitsgemma

      I like the idea of being industrious, it is a time for nesting. I hope you can enjoy another 6 weeks of good weather, it’s definitely colder here and I hope you enjoy some sunshine before the cold comes, that little bit later.

  2. Over a Cuppa

    I love this post! Yay, for embracing Autumn and I can’t get enough of cosy. A warm coat is essential to keep one’s spirits warm and what a beautiful day today has been too!

    So, glad the addition of magnesium is helping you get a better nights sleep and going a bit more de-caff helps too. I love Rooibos tea as a caffeine free swap so you can still have the cosiness of milk added too!

    Your herbal tea and cake looks gorgeous x

    P.S Happy 6th blog anniversary too, I genuinely love reading your blog and seeing your gorgeous photo’s too. It is one of the blogs that pop into my inbox and I save to enjoy and read properly with a cup of tea! xx

  3. Heather (PhotoPuddle)

    I am seriously trying to fight the winter blues this year. I want to embrace the colder months. It’s all about the hygge at the moment.
    And it’s lovely you let your blog do what it wants to do with no ulterior motive. I love the honesty of blogs like that. I’ve recently started blogging again (brand new blog) and hope to get back into reading blogs a lot more too.

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