Foraged and Found Interiors

Foraged and found interiors finds might sound strange, but it is very do-able. Your first thought on foraging for in interiors might be charity shops or car boots, my preference is interior finds from nature, less the obvious things, not greenery. Foraged and found shells, feathers, pine cones. Plant cuttings from friends are perfect foraged interiors, gifted and then grown. Dominating my kitchen window is a resplendent purple Tradescantia plant. It began as a small cutting given by a friend when we moved in, now it trails down the wall and climbs up the window.
foraged and found interiors

Bringing back bits of nature to add to a shelf or for the mantlepiece, is a way of bringing back memories of days out; shells remind me of afternoon’s beach combing. Collected fossils from the beach at Lyme Regis, makes me think as much of little hammers and hunting, as the fish and chips we have before the drive home. Pine cones from weekend walks.

foraged and found interiors

The summer before last we spent in Norfolk and gather feathers by the lake at Holkam Hall, they sit in a glass with a slim gold rim that my mother picked up in a charity shop. My favourite thing collected on a beach in Norfolk are a couple of  tiny skulls; one a rabbit, one a hare, which I appreciate is not everyone’s idea of interior choices.  I’m fascinated by the frail bones, the shape and contours, a reminder that nothing lasts forever. My son them found it on a beach at Burnham Overy Staithe, on different days, partially buried in fine sand. He thought the tiny skulls, the best treasure. We carefully wrapped and stored (making sure everyone washed their hands really thoroughly after handling them). Nature had cleaned them, to a point. Once home, we researched how best to clean and preserve them. Tiny, delicate bones which now sit under a glass cloche, with other gathered  finds of an 8-year-old; a bullet head, some feathers, fools gold collected at Legoland.  Pride of place in my living room, always a talking point.

forage and found interiors

I’ve a Pinterest board of feather and bone inspiration.  Images of other people’s interiors decorated with nature, the more rustic elements of nature. Robust horns mounted on walls, which I accept are less likely to be found and more likely to be purchased, maybe if you live in Mid-West America, you do find horns! There are alternative ways to display feathers and even insects.


Would you give house room to feathers and bones?

interiors and home foraged and found Home accessories inspired by Nature


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