Red Shoes, New Coat

lifestyle helloitgemma red shoesIt’s a bit awkward being in front of the camera…. before we start, can we agree, that I maybe standing in front of a wall in the style of a “fashion blogger”, but this is not a fashion post. More an over-sharing post. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d bought a new coat, due to popular demand (two people), I’m sharing some photos of the coat.

Possibly, it’s not a coat, it might be a coatigan, which isn’t mythical creature from the battlefield of Narnia. It is a half coat/half cardigan concoction.  I think this is more coat, but it’s been suggested it is a coatigan.  That debate aside, it is fluffy, with a ‘favourite bear’ texture. I am hoping it might make people want to stroke my arm, only time will tell.

For my birthday, I was given Zara vouchers (many thanks to the givers, you know who you are). I thought, I’d save them and then spend on a ‘new season’ purchase.  Zara is my mother-ship, I knew if I repeatedly returned to Zara eventually a coat to make me happy would appear. Zara has mythical qualities.

The thing with a coat is that you can just chuck it on and what’s underneath doesn’t really matter (unless the room is really hot an eventually, you may be forced to take off the coat). For a morning school run, chucking on a new fluffy coat is a hug for the soul. A sort of super hero cape transforming dull autumn mornings. I’m all for small things to boost the path to winter.

helloitsgemma lifestyle red shoes

My bag is made from EVA rubber, which appeals to my vegetarian sensibilities. It was also a birthday gift, from a group of friends in the North (more thank ‘yous’).  Called an ‘O bag’, the clever bit is the changeable handles and inner section. A quick refresh without the investment of a whole bag.

Big summer love is for the Lotta from Stockholm cloggs. I’ve wanted cloggs for ages. A wedding invitation prompted the purchase and I adore them. To be honest, I fully expected them to be not so comfortable. My intention was to wear them in situations that required only standing. I’d forgotten weddings require standing, walking and dancing. Luckily, they are very comfortable, even for dancing. The cloggs would have been worn to death, had the car not broken. Cycling in cloggs is less advisable, although I imagine everyone in Stockholm does it.  Red shoes are an indulgent cheeriness. They brighten life. “Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”, the song implies it’s the shoes that make you dance. Red shoes make the dullest day feel like a dancing day. Cloggs and socks? Discuss? Possibly not, but my ankles were cold.

lifestyle helloitsgemma red shoes new coat

Thank you for the Mr. for his time and patience in taking these photos. We survived.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    I love your new coatigan (or could it be a cardicoat?). I’d love to see the changeable handles and the inside thing for the bag that you mentioned – I’m intrigued. And I’d love to be able to pull off those shoes as well as you do. Enjoy. xxx

  2. helloitsgemma

    Oh Cardicoat! R, have a quick look at the ‘O bag’ website, which demonstrates how it works better than I can. Basically, you buy a shell (outer), your choice of inner (where you keep things) and whatever handles take your fancy. A sort of custom bag.

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