Intentions November #16

Do you ever feel as if you are habitually busy?  The day before half term found me running (literally) around town, trying to get things done before the clock ticked down to half term. I set myself up for my own fall, making October very busy. My aim; “look busy, winter is coming”.  By the time half-term rolled in, I was boned tired, washed up on a tide of busy.

Half term enforced the slow that we all needed.  I dropped out of this space for a week. At home, I was busy catching up on bits and pieces around half term childcare. Half way through the week we flew to Spain for a friend’s wedding. In Spain the sky was deep blue, the sun warm and the pace slow.  An opportunity  to lean back and do nothing, except enjoy the view and listen to the birds. 

Intentions November 16

(More on Spain, soon)

At home, I struggle with doing ‘nothing’. This is the ideal time of year for doing less and yet that, somehow, slipped down my ‘to do’ list. Emily’s post, ‘The cult of busyness and giving  stuff up‘ very much struck a cord and was the reminder I needed. We are weeks from Christmas, which has it’s own cult of busyness attached.  Shops have their decorations up, striking a little fear into my heart. A voice in my head tells me “Run to the tills now, get out while you can”.  

November is for organising Christmas, while the shops are still (relatively) tame. Then beating a retreat from the crowds, the frenzy and relentless Christmas ‘muzak’. The silver book of Christmas, which appeared last month, is ready and lists made. Whip Christmas into touch, sooner rather than later.  Devote December to nothing more than sucking up the all seasonal sparkles, a safe distance from Christmas consumer madness.

intentions November

My main intention for November is less busy and simple pleasures. Long evenings for curled up with a book (Current read recommended by Kelly Fairy). Cake is always  good for an enforced slow, best served in a cafe.  November shifts to grey, sunshine more fleeting, the trees less golden more bare. I might not have a mountain view, but I’m happy to admire an indulgent cake. November is a cake kind of a month. Don’t you think?

intentions November 16


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    I’ve already clicked on Emily’s post to see what she has to say about the cult of busyness. I read recently how people say how busy they are as a way of almost bragging as if being run ragged is a sign of a worthy person. I’m leaning in completely the opposite direction whenever possible.

  2. Emma

    SO interesting. I think there’s pressure on people to say how busy they are, and it’s sad really. Much of the busyness is completely unnecessary. With the blog for example, I find myself saying “I have to do this, I should do that” and recently I have taken a step back and thought to myself, “no you don’t”, do it when you feel like doing it! x

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