Lovely Things for the Weekend

Well, it’s been a bit of week. The American Flag has been flying half mast over the local thoroughfare and walk to school. This morning, there was no wind and it hung dejected. I get that. We made it to Friday and it’s the weekend tomorrow. I’m celebrating a few things I’ve good things I’ve loved over recently. Last Sunday, we took a walk to our local National Trust Tyntesfield. The dahlias a riot of late colour, slightly fading but blousey and bright.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a glasshouse in your garden? To grow the exotic, to potter sheltered from the elements, bathed in light. Pineapple and figs, endless cheery red geraniums. I might not have a glasshouse, but I thought I’d gather some good things for the weekend, a shelter from the elements.
Positive Living November. Lovely things for the weekend. Finding happy.

Positive Living November. Lovely things for the weekend. Finding happy.

Things that have got me through the week:

Watching back to back The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Great for avoiding the news. The Gilmore Girls have sustained me. If only Stars Hollow was an actual destination.

Getting in touch with friends, cafe meets, phone calls, even just reaching out with a text to someone you’ve not heard from for a while.  When humanity seems to get it all wrong, it’s good to remember who your friends are.

Long hot bath with a book, am still reading ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’. I want to read Hurrah for Gin’s book next, because everyone, just everyone, tells me it is very, very funny. Funny is good.

These are some posts & places I loved in the last week or so:

Favourite Instagram: Javaholic and the boy. “perhaps I should have been a poet. But the mission is always the same, to fill the square with life and make the entire surface glow”. Beautiful pictures and sentiment. What’s your favourite Instagram account for happy escapism?

Blog Posts:

How to have a happy marriage: Mother’s Always Right. The little things.

When home is your retreat from the world. Finding the joy in simplicity: Lotts and Lots.

Getting lost in making, always a distraction. Make an advent calendar for something for Christmas: Growing Spaces.

Feel like giving up mainstream life and running away to a log cabin in the woods? It crossed my mind. Then I saw this: Bavarian Sojourn. I know from my own travels, this is a beautiful part of the world.

Reminder that gratitude matters: 76 Sunflowers. Finding the good.

Suggestions for 5 positive things to do this coming week (I’d love to know yours):

Buy yourself some flowers.
Phone a friend you’ve not spoken to in ages.
Use the local library. Grab a travel book. Plan or just dream.
Bake. Baking soothes the soul. Apple Tarte anyone?
Take a walk and swish in fallen leaves.
Positive Living November. Lovely things for the weekend.
Positive living November. 


  1. Emily

    I love this. This is what we do, huh? Try to process the shock and despair and look to other things for hope. My positive thing this week is to start listening to The Guilty Feminist, which is so uplifting. 

    1. helloitsgemma

      Thank you. I think any antidote is a good starting point. Focus on the good, the grim seems less overwhelming. I will seek out the Guilty Feminist – thanks for the recommend.

  2. Molly

    Late to this list but bookmarking for when I have half an hour later on today so I can go back and have a proper read of all the things you’ve linked to. Thank you so much for including my post on your list. xx

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