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I’ve gathered some interiors ideas for decorating with maps. Framed maps are something I love in a home. The multiple colours of places and borders, oceans and mountains. More personal choices of maps, tell you a little about the owner, places they’ve lived or love. As captivating as a shelf of someone else’s books. A home should reflect a personal history; collected family photos and mementos. Maps give another layer to reflect important places, significant memories. Maps are an affordable addition to your home and make for individual interiors inspiration.

Affordable Maps

Great ideas for incorporating maps into unique interiors inspiration.

At a friend’s home recently, I spotted a framed old map of the London Underground. I have an affection for the London underground, different stops and memories associated with my youth. The London Underground has evolved and continues to evolve, this map included the odd now lost station. The clever thing it was wrapping paper simply framed. The total cost added up to very little, compared to framing a print. I used wrapping paper with a map of London to cover a table earlier in the year, in my Ikea Upcycle. A big blank wall above our table need something and we filled it with a laminated wall map, at under £30 it and was an inexpensive way to fill a big space. The map prompts dinner time chats about far-flung places and improves our geography.

ideas for incorporating maps into unique interiors inspiration.

Creative Decorating

Maps are fascinating, they gives us a perspective on our place in planet, as much as helping us finding a new cafe opening. I have my eye on more maps for the wall of the house, places I’ve loved from mountain regions to complex cities. Topography always has something new to offer a details not noticed before. Maps make for creative decorating; maps clipped into bunting or re-created into hearts and frames. Neighbours have a map of the area they spent their honeymoon, on the wall of their kitchen. In our kitchen we have a map of the ‘sea regions’; Tyne, Dogger, Cromarty, because I love Radio 4 Shipping forecasts.

Scratch Maps

Scratch maps, are simply maps for display with a layer than can be scratched off. You scratch off the places you’ve visited. Know someone who is well travelled? Scratch maps make a great gift, a sort of ‘humble brag’ for the wall.

Map Memories

I had some small square photos printed, snaps of night out with friends, my last night out in the North. The photos are mounted on a map of the city we used to live; collected memories, people and places. It sits above my desk a daily reminder of our life there.

Decorating with Maps

collected globes interiors ideas

photo credit: Joãs Silas unsplash

Children love globes, small fingers over spinning continents. Collections of globes look wonderful gathered on shelves. Pinterest has some great ideas for decorating with maps and I’ve gathered my favourites on a board of ‘Map interiors’. An entire wall papered with maps, maps on cushions, lampshades, craft ideas for maps. Endless ideas for incorporating maps into unique interiors inspiration.


Places to Buy Maps

Mapify – create a customised map, with sizes to fit popular frames.

Stanfords – for wrapping paper, globes, and all sorts of maps: Pub Stops of the Lake District, Game of Thrones, California Wine, Polar Charts, Alps panoramic. Branches in London and Bristol.

Buy Map hangers, laminated maps and relief maps (remember those from school?) at Maps on line

Do you love maps?

Great Home ideas for incorporating maps into unique, affordable, interiors inspiration. Gathered tips. Best places to buy maps.


  1. Stephanie Robinson

    I do love maps and want to use them more in crafts, but can’t quite yet bring myself to cut them up. I think everyone loves maps a bit, and I know if I give one to MOH he’ll immediately look to see the rudest place name before doing what I’ve asked him too!  I can’t help but smile (sometimes!!) #homeetcs

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