Christmas Gift Ideas under £10 at HomeSense

We are four weeks away people and I am sounding the Christmas klaxon. Time to get organised and go shopping before the frenzy of Christmas takes hold. This year we are aiming for more pared back Christmas, spending less. This week I spent a very happy morning shopping at HomeSense for gifts for awkward aunties, tricky cousins and “don’t buy me anything” grandparents. I’ve come up with some great gift ideas at under £10 per item.

HomeSense Christmas Gifts at under £10. Gifts ideas for awkward aunties and tricky cousins.

Gift ideas for family you see less often are the ones that, generally, have me stuck. My son gives me a list, my partner drops hints (or I decided based on the condition of the current, that he needs a new jumper/jeans etc). For friends, I just know what they might like. It is the wider family where I struggle for gift ideas; the auntie I don’t see too often, my dad (grandparent) who has everything and declares that he doesn’t need anything. Add to that, the ‘I’m just not sure what they like’ cousins.

Gift Ideas

My HomeSense haul, was all in at £50. These are my gift ideas for cousins; food related books, always a winner, you’ll find something for even the most basic cook; microwave cakes in a  mug (Genius! I may have to gift to myself). For the more confident foodie relative I picked a book on bread. Pamper products are always gratefully received; hand creams, luxe shower gels or funny face masks and a mirror compact.

Gift Ideas for under £10 HomeSense

HomeSense Christmas gifts ideas at under £10. Gifts for awkward aunties and tricky cousins

Another, unlikely to fail, gift is a photo frame with this year’s school photo, or a capture from a summer family gathering. There is always room for one more picture of a grandchild. Printing photos is good to do, when we all have so many sitting on our computers. Neither my dad or my partner’s mum have computers, which makes printed photos more special. Dried fruits for my dad who doesn’t eat chocolate and chocolates for my aunt who does. A cheery mug for a cousin who has had a difficult year. Biscuits for an uncle and scented candles for an aunt, the one I purchased has a delicate Jasmine and Frankincense scent and cost just £4.99.

HomeSense Christmas Gifts at under £10. Gift Ideas for awkward aunties and tricky cousins.

HomeSense Christmas Gifts at under £10. Gifts Ideas for awkward aunties and tricky cousins.


More Gift Ideas from HomeSense for under £10

1. Set of Moroccan Tea Glasses.
2. Notebook and felt tips. Forget colouring, doodling is the way forward.
3. Edible gifts, are a great twist for the person who has everything: A seasonal Panettone.
4. A cake stand. Perfect for bakers or simply a lover of afternoon tea.
5. A packet of coffee and a flavoured syrup.
6. Preserving jars. HomeSense have lots in different shapes and sizes. Fill with homemade treats.
7. Terracotta tapas dishes.
8. Umbrella. Practical, but a spare is always handy.
9. Sparkly mobile phone cover.
10.Hot Water Bottle and fluffy cover. The ultimate cosy.

HomeSense Christmas giving

Pop in to HomeSense and you’ll spot limited edition sparkling baubles in jewel colours, just in front of the tills. The baubles costing £3.99, with £1.70 being donated to The Prince’s Trust, raising funds for disadvantaged young people. Or do what I did and buy a decorative paper bauble for £1. Add a festive message to it and hang it on in store HomeSense tree, a simply way to contribute to a good cause this Christmas.


Thanks HomeSense for working with me on this post. 


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