Intentions December #16

December, how did that arrive so fast? This is the last ‘intentions’ for a while. For various reasons, I’ve decided to retire my intentions. I’ve come to appreciate, over the past couple of years, that I am more driven by the seasons. I want to look at life in bigger chunks of time, less micro managing of myself. I think it would be interesting to start January without a plan. How would that feel? Plans, resolutions etc are so ingrained into January and I am a woman who loves a plan, lives by lists. Writing monthly intentions was a way of spreading plans over the year, ensuring that I actually got things done rather than setting unrealistic ideals and goals for the most miserable month of the year, 16th January is designated the most depressing day of the year. I feel like change is needed, a slight shake up. The monthly intentions are going.

For November, I had plans to keep things simple and managed to stay on top of requests from school for play outfits, Christmas fare donations. I did all my Christmas shopping (go me!), I’m not so ahead of the game that I have everything wrapped and labeled. Over the last month, I met friends and watched lots of Netflix, scaled back a little and gave myself some head space and was less busy, which was the plan. I come into December feeling on top things, instead of behind.

December Intentions. Plans for the month ahead.

Christmas Cards and a Birthday

My Intentions for December have two priorities; Christmas (enjoying it) and my son’s birthday. However, there already are notes all over the calendar and I’ve managed to double book myself next week. December is generally as hectic as it is sparkly; over emotional at school Christmas concerts, over tired from late night present wrapping and party prepping. I shall be writing cards and putting up birthday banners.

December Intentions. Plans for the month ahead.

Advent Calendar

Because the coming month is hectic, I think it is important to carve out some time for ourselves in December, most women I know (and some men) find December great but exhausting. My early Christmas gift from the Mr. is a M&S beauty calendar, a different product everyday. I fully intend to make time for pampering and try to balance out the mix of busy, tiring and emotional.
December Intentions. Plans for the month ahead.

Big Magic

Normally, I wouldn’t plan to read a book across December (I have enough else to do). Big Magic has been on my ‘to read’ list for the entire year, which is madness. It is a book about creativity and inspiration. Dipping into something different, more motivational, really appeals. Mel mentioned the book in her post about her ‘Assembly Autumn Gathering‘ and that was the prompt to actually buy myself a copy and commit to reading it. As December gathers pace it becomes about making sure everything is in place for everyone else, which is my aim, I just want to find some time for me too.
December Intentions. Plans for the month ahead.

Christmas Cactus & Mince Pies

On the table, is my mother’s Christmas Cactus – it can just be seen in last December’s Intentions when the leaves were red, over the year it’s turned green and the flowers this year are already abundant. Finally, I shall be drinking mulled wine, hot toddies and eating mince pies at every opportunity. I fully expect December to be a good one. What do you have planned?

December Intentions. Plans for the month ahead.


  1. Gemma Evans

    Oooh you had me at mulled wine. We’ve tried to get out Christmas shopping done early this year too, so we can have a bit of rest and relaxation before the Christmas day madness 🙂 Your beauty calendar is a nice alternative to chocolate.

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