8 Ways to Add Light to your Home

Credit Unsplash Breather.

Credit Unsplash Breather.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter light is low and days can be endlessly grey. Well lit living spaces have various benefits. They are more useable, saving on using daytime electricity to light artificially. Low light in winter can be a challenging on lots of level; less light, for some, equates to low mood. Rooms that look and feel lighter and brighter become the spaces you want to spend time in over the shorter days. Here are 8 ways to add light to your home; From simple tips to adding accessories, other ideas are bigger projects that will change the look and feel of a room:

1. Lighting a room via smaller table lamps or side lights, rather than harsher central lighting. There are range of standing lights available, consider a light reflecting finish; copper for a modern update, or bright silver.

2. Light up the table. Low ceiling mounted pendant lights in groups of three over a table, adds more light sources. Lower hanging lamps diffuse the light, focusing light on one area.

3. Use mirrors to bounce reflect and bounce light back. Groups of vintage mirrors make an interesting focus.

4. Paint. Lighter wall colours give the illusion of more space and light. Sheen paints are more light reflecting than matts paints and team with light furniture.

5. Pastel and white furniture give the impression of more space and light, particular if they are in similar shades to the walls.

6. Long term solutions: if the room allows; roof lights maximise light all year round and are a game changer, especially in winter when sunlight can be low and obscured. An investment that will bring light in from above and transform a dark room, turning it into something light an airy. I found this guide with  8 tips for choosing a roof window. Who doesn’t envy rooms with roof lights they really do turn a room into something special.

7. Fit glass door panels, to filter light from a sunny front room into a dark back room. In my previous home, I had the panels in the doors downstairs removed and replaced with glass. My local glazier did the job and rather than use more expensive opaque glass, he fitted clear glass and sprayed it with an opaque frosting (available from DIY stores). The door panels let in light from the South facing front of the house, through to the back giving light. The opaque frost gave privacy between the rooms.

8. Clutter can make a room feel oppressive, particularly of every space is covered with
objects and shelves piled high with books. Consider a de-clutter. Paint shelves in a light colour and keep displays minimal and simple. Create space on window ledges to ensure light isn’t obscured, especially in winter when the sun is low.

8 ideas for using interiors tricks and ideas to make your home lighter and brighter year round.


8 ways to add light to a room. Great ideas for making living spaces brighter and lighter.


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