Greenery for 2017

Greenery Pantone colour of the year 2017. Inspiration from home objects to living with plants. Warm Zesty Greenery for 2017

Credit: Pantone

My relationship with the colour green has been complicated, as an adult I love it, as a child it was banned. Just before Christmas Pantone announced their colour of the year for 2017 ‘greenery’. Pantone are hugely influential and this colour will filter down to our high street and home stores. Greenery and the ethos behind it seems to me a good choice for 2017. Like many converts, I’m evangelical in my love of greenery.

My mother was superstitious, is that even a ‘thing’ now? Anyhow, it meant there was loads of little things that she absolutely believed brought bad luck; killing spiders, going anywhere on Friday 13th and the colour green. Green being the colour of the fairies and you don’t mess with the fairies. What small girl would question that? Apparently, not this one, I am/was a keen believer in small folk.  Nothing in our house was green, except plants, we had lots of plants. Unfortunately, my school uniform was green and primary education probably jinxed from the start. It took me years to accept that if I wore a green jumper anywhere other than an education establishment, I wouldn’t be struck by lightning.

Greenery at its best isn’t objects its plants, nature, green spaces, access to which benefits both physical and mental heath, which in recent years has been supported by research. T. So while a colour of the year might seem frivolous, greenery does have a positive impact on our wellbeing. This, at a time when our green spaces are under threat.  Anything that reminds us of the benefits of green spaces and greenery is a positive in my book.

Collected Ideas for ‘greenery’:

Pantone choice is a zesty-warm green and I’m considering it for as the colour for a new sofa. I’ve collected some ideas to bring a little ‘greenery’ into your home:

Orla Kiely Pot Inkoo £12.99
Chair Fusion Living £55
Cushion Etsy £24.00
Candle Heals £3.00
Cloth bound Notebook Bureau Direct £4.50
Glass Vase John Lewis £12.00

Need Plant Inspiration?

Urban Jungle bloggers  is an on-line collective I’ve followed for a while, their book (available at The Future Kept) is on my wish list. A plant book beyond caring and growing tips, it includes plant buying ideas and lots of plant styling inspiration.

For more plant inspiration Pinterest is great place to start:

Will you be embracing greenery this year?



  1. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely

    I was a bit gobsmacked when they announced the colour. I was convinced it was going to be a denim blue. That said, it’s growing on me and already I’m picking up the odd item or two … mainly plant based … to add to our home. I can weave it quite easily in to most of our rooms as our walls and furniture are predominantly white and wood so it will work well.

    1. helloitsgemma

      The plant aspect makes it an easy colour to add, and plants are good for air quality – so an important home investment. IMHO!!!
      Denim blue would be a nice choice!

  2. Jane Taylor

    I love Green! I love Greenery as it’s a more sophisticated muted lime…I do have ‘full on’ lime chairs in the kitchen and some lime Joseph Joseph goodies! I’m just about to do a post about Greenery and just waiting on my Green cushion… You’ve chosen some lovely things. Orla (love), Vase (gorgeous shape), I am a Notebook and stationery nut so I love that. Pinning it on my Greenery board right now. Thanks for sharing. #Homeetc

  3. Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

    Hahaha!! Aaaah this did make me smile!!! Jinxed by the colour of your uniform at primary school!?! A likely story!! LOL!! I love green — in all it’s guises — and whilst I don’t think I’d paint an entire room in this colour, I’d definitely give it house room. Happy new year to you lovely — here’s to another fab year of #HomeEtc 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up! xx

  4. katie

    I must admit that green doesn’t really feature at all in our home, with the exception of plants and flowers. I’m not averse to it, though I think perhaps I see it as an outdoor colour! Some of those items you have shown are lovely though, and the candles would be a lovely way to introduce a touch more greenery indoors. x

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