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Mornings are my current nemesis, the getting out to bed aspect of mornings, parting company from a warm duvet into the cold day. I’m waking up earlier, so that I can enjoy the warmth longer, still the mornings end up hurried because we leave everything until the last moment.  On the whole, January has been kind, lots of cafe stops and a lovely evening out, which you can read about here. It is almost the end of January and so here is a little catch up of life lately and general thoughts. I’ve been trying to enjoy the positives of January, the low light and bright days.

Life Lately January. Updates, shopping, life and otherwise.
Bristol by the river, last week.


This month I’ve spent time clearing cupboards and tidying drawers on grey afternoons. I’ve been following Mel Wiggins  ‘A Simpler Start to the Year’ guide.  I fluctuate between being a hoarder and a love of the soothing sense a good de-clutter gives the soul.  Hate waste and dislike  throwing things out, “just in case”. Having moved cities and into rented and out of rented, we’ve been forced to repeatedly clear out ‘stuff’ we no longer need and I’ve come to appreciate that mini de-clutters every now and then just make a small house easier to live in; out-grow toys and children clothes are always welcome at the local charity shops.  Jackets stored since we moved to Bristol, warm jackets more suited to our life in the North, which is that bit colder. This winter I gave them to a rough sleeper project, because someone else could benefit from something that is otherwise doing nothing under my bed. I  like the spaces a de-clutter leaves behind.

With de-cluttering in mind, I watched a documentary called; Minimalism. I can’t be a complete minimalist, I like pretty objects too much, when I can afford them. Limited income means I appraise each purchase much more than I did a few years ago: “Do I really need this?”  Often, the answer is “Nope”. Things I hoard; I’m sentimental about books I read in my youth. I like to know old photos are there, even if they are never looked at. The documentary is about people who’ve chosen to live very minimally and also explores our relationship with consumerism, always a good thing to reflect on.

New Boots

New Boots are such a rare treat. My old winter boots are older than my son and the sole split beyond mending. My daily wear choices have changed, I’m most often in jeans. I browsed ankle boots and ended up getting Blundstone boots. Workwear boots, with tough soles and pull on tabs. Super practical and good for a woman who walks and cycles, a lot. You have to size down and break them in, which makes for an initially complicated relationship. The boots have eased to fit my feet and I’m currently tramping back and forth to school in them whatever the weather.

January Sale Shopping

It is hard not to resist the pull to ‘change’ in January.  As winter closed in at the end of last year, I began to appreciate that my ‘affair’ with skinny jeans was coming to an end. It had been long and enduring, but largely over, we’ll still be friends and maybe spend the odd day together. For Christmas the Mr. got me a pair of loose fit Levi jeans. In the January sales, bought shirts over my usual t-shirts. A big cardigan rather than my previous fitted ones. A long full skirt. Together it makes for a more relaxed feel, I see different shapes and therefore a slightly different ‘me’ in the mirror and I think it’s time for that.
In other news.. spring bulbs are on the way.

Women’s March

Last weekend, my boy and I joined 1,000 other women, men and children on the Women’s March Bristol. I wish, wish, wish I’d gone to London. I spent most of Saturday absorbing the global protests via social media and news bulletins. Saturday gave me sense of hope and positivity, it’s good to have that touchstone in strange times.

Life Lately, Women's March Bristol

How are you finding 2017? What are your thoughts on January?


    1. helloitsgemma

      OH MY GOSH! There you are! But where are you??
      I like summer and spring mornings and often get up very early to enjoy the quiet and the early light. A hot summer morning is one of my favourite things. Winter mornings, not so much.

      GET IN TOUCH!!!!!!

  1. Emma

    Love your new boots. I am also loving all the winter sales here, it’s like being in shopping paradise compared to my old city, and I normally hate shopping! 😀 Have a lovely February. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  2. Purple Ella

    Love your boots, and your cardigan! Sounds like we have had similar Januarys, I’ve also done some small scale decluttering (inspired by the minimalist documentary – also can’t fully commit). Here’s to a super February all round. 

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