Home Investments: Bifold Doors

The dark months of winter can be sluggish and endless, but the beginning of a new year is also a time for planning, developing ideas and projects for the year ahead. Renovations and interiors inspiration are high on many people’s agendas, a popular choice are bifold doors.

Like most people, especially at this time of year, I crave more light. Spending more time in the rooms in our home with maximum light, currently the kitchen, with two windows and french doors. To add more light in that room and open up the space, my big wish-list project is to replace the French doors with modern bifold doors.

Home Improvements: Bifold Doors

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What are bifolds?

Floor to ceiling doors, often installed across an entire wall. When opened they ‘fold’ like a concertina into one end. Allowing a seamless space between inside and out and are increasingly popular choice for home renovations.

Awesome Home Improvements: Beautiful Bifold Doors. Bifold Doors bring a sense of space and light. Why your home needs bifolds and tips on installation

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Why are bifolds so popular?

Bifold doors transform spaces, introducing more light and giving a greater sense of space. Opening up spaces literally to the sky, merging the inside and the outside. We tend to thrive on more light and are increasingly finding a reconnection with outside. Bifolds suit every type of property, they don’t change the shape of a property or take up additional space. Most homes have an outside wall that can be converted.

Interior trends

Interior trends this year, are very much about ‘greenery’, colour and trend authority Pantone have picked Greenery has there colour of 2017. A colour to evoke the outdoors to reconnect with nature. There is evidenced research that a connection with nature is good for our wellbeing and we are finding ways to live that connect us to the outside.

Outside inside

While most of us don’t have uninterrupted views of the wilderness or even lush green lawns, outside spaces don’t have to be just for the summer months. It doesn’t matter what size your outside space is pick ever green plants with year round foliage cheer up winter days; 10 shrubs for winter.

Bifolds are an investment option, a choice that will up-grade and enhance your home. Before making a your choice, consider the following:

An established company

Use an established company with experience. Local companies know the type of housing in an area and key to their success is maintaining a good local reputation. Monmouthshire windows, serve their local area, with a showroom that allows you to see the products and speak to specialists before buying and 15 years of experience, it’s a company embedded within the local community. Important factors when considering a significant investment and change to your home.

Other things to consider:

Energy efficient glass, reduces heating bills and makes the idea that conservatories are too cold in winter a thing of the past.

Different colours and styles. There are a whole range of colour options beyond white or black.

Security, look for options that provide quality locks.

Installation is disruptive pick a company that offers quick and convenient installation times.

A local companies may also offer additional bonuses, Monmouthshire have a 10% off offer for the NHS. It’s worth spending time investigating local companies and what they offer beyond the basic product and price.

Imagine standing with a cup of tea on the greyest day, gazing outside protected from the elements by a wall of glass. Better still imagine summer days, when living outside and inside merge, takes alfresco breakfasts or hosting BBQ’s to another level.

Home improvements: Bifold doors

Photo credit: john-mark-kuznietsov Unsplash

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