Spring Interiors, Inspirations and Updates

My local florist has containers full of blooms outside, spring is here. It’s might be a cliché but spring is a filter for change, the newness of buds on trees, more light and warmer temperatures. Spring has an infectious energy, it’s a good time for refreshing  rooms. What’s new for spring 2017?  I’ve been looking at patterns and colours, marrying them up with spring interiors inspiration to create some easy ideas for updating rooms with rugs and runners.

Interior Trends for Spring 2017

My interiors inspiration comes from different places, like most people; Instagram, interior blogs, magazines, gathering ideas on Pinterest. I’ve been looking at themes for spring 2017. Currently, very appealing are geometric trends.


I spotted this house tour, on Apartment Therapy.  A plain rented space,  transformed with accessories and an injections of style.  Affordably and without big renovations. Apart the brilliant collection of plants, I love the geometric designs, there is a boldness without loads of colour, which is good compromise for those who don’t want to take the plunge with colour. Geometrics designs can be a bold statement or very simple and soothing in toning colours.

Colour Trends

Bright colours are back for interiors. Last Spring, I took a day trip to London to see an exhibition, it was a great grown-up day out and I enjoyed getting lost in the inspiration of photographs from 100 years of Vogue. This year I have my eye on the David Hockney Exhibition at the Tate Modern.  I’ve long loved his use of colour.  A day out immersed in the brights of Hockney, blue skies and swimming pools would be good for the soul. For me, the colours that leap from his work are the bright teal blues of pools and subtle blush pinks of bodies and buildings, combined  with the glamour of LA, velvets and opulence. All predicted colour and themes for spring 2017.   Not ready to embrace the boldness of LA? Think blue skies and pink blossom of an English spring.

Rugs and Runners

An easy an affordable way to update a room for the season add a new rug or runner, adding texture, colour or pattern without overhauling a room completely. Striking geometric and simpler runners with a subtler geometric pattern. Blush pinks and teal blues of English Gardens or LA back yards, depending on how bold or soft your pinks and blues.  Teal or blush brighten neutral tones and work well with the grey walls or sofas, adding a welcome splash of spring colour.

Photo by Sophia Baboolal on Unsplash

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      thanks for commenting, pleased you like the selection. Cox & Cox are my favourites too, much as I love the internet – there is something lovely about flicking through a catalogue.

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