Keeping the Family Dry on a UK Holiday

Exploring the great outdoors is great. Of course, the problem with this time of year is that it looks wonderful out of the window, but as soon as you set foot outside, the English weather is likely to play its tricks on you.

Here we take a look at how to make sure you are prepared for anything as you venture out to explore between the April showers!

Keep the family dry on UK holiday

photo credit: Unsplash. Alain Willemart

Coats and jackets

With the warmer weather, you can put away those winter coats for next year, or in the case of the kids pass them along to younger siblings, relatives or friends as they will be sure to have outgrown them by next year.

Instead, the whole family will need something light, but also waterproof, wind resistant and funky. Target Dry have a great range of good quality and fashionable rainwear for all the family, and right now they have a 35% sale on spring-wear.

Pac a macs are perfect for keeping out the rain and spring breezes, but also light enough to keep you and the kids looking and feeling cool. And their storability when the sun comes out is the real key to their magic!


Dig out the waterproof cover for your pram or pushchair. Yes, it is probably still in the boot, but now is the time to check.

If it is not there, there are plenty of inexpensive universal covers available from online sellers such as Amazon or ebay. These certainly look like bargains, but check the customer reviews to be as confident as you can be that the item will actually work.

It is easy to think it is worth gambling five or ten pounds and hoping for the best, but it can be a real nuisance if you find yourself stuck with no way of keeping the pushchair dry.

Be ready for anything

The most important tip is to be prepared for all eventualities. The joy of spring is that you can set out in beautiful sunshine and find yourself in a snow shower by late afternoon and vice versa.

So make sure you have everything from factor 40 sunscreen to Wellington boots and woolly hats packed and ready to go, and be prepared for the fact that you will need everything.

It also makes sense to keep an emergency bag in the car when you go out on a day trip, particularly for the kids. A change of clothes can come in very handy after a day of adventuring, and if the weather turns bad, nothing is better than a nice warm blanket to snuggle up in on the drive home.

Also remember, wellies can be a curse as well as a blessing. Great for jumping in puddles, but not so fun to wear for hours on end when the sun comes out, so have some spare trainers at the ready.

Have fun

The most important survival tip is to relax and enjoy. Running around in the pouring rain and leaping into muddy puddles with the kids is the stuff that memories are made of and that you will talk about in years to come.

Have a great time out there.

Keep the family dry on UK holiday

Photo credit: Unsplash Daiga Ellaby

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