Top tips for packing light this summer holiday

top tips for packing light

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Going on holiday can be an exciting adventure, whether you’re going somewhere brand new or returning to a favourite childhood spot. Planning your well-deserved down time can be half the fun, but for many the packing bit can be a lot less joy.

First there’s working out what to take, then there’s making sure you don’t go over your weight limit. It can all be a bit stressful – especially if you’ve got kids to pack for as well. It doesn’t have to be a drag though, as with a couple of simple hacks you can be packed light and ready to go in no time.

Create a packing list before you start

If you get your absolute essentials in there first it saves a lot of rooting around and re-packing later. If you want to be really strict about it, start with the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 guide. This means taking only taking 22 items in total – no exceptions.

This could be a bit too lean in some cases, but it can be a great starting point if you’re really pushed for space. Remember too that most of the time you can buy things you’ve forgotten when you get there.

Use a packing app

Yes, even packing has been made easier with some zippy apps and checklists, all of which are easily accessible on your phone or tablet. They’re particularly great if you get to the shops then can’t remember what it was that you desperately needed to buy for your holiday.

These apps usually come with a few pre-loaded packing lists to help get you started. There are lots out there, but Trip List from the iOS App Store and Packing Pro from Apple iTunes are both worth a try.

Invest in some super lightweight luggage

If your suitcase is a heavy beast, you’re already not off to a good start. There are some good-looking lightweight luggage options out there so you may want to splash out. They’re still solidly built to stand the rigours of being thrown around during transit, but they’ll give you a real head start in the light packing stakes.

Pack multi-functional items

Some things easily lend themselves to several functions, such as this cute one piece swimsuit from the Sainsbury’s swimwear range, which can be worn with a blouse so it looks like a regular top. As if we needed another reason to buy some amazing new beachwear this season!

Even a Frisbee could be multi-functional, as you could use it as a hard shell to protect fragile items in your case. Flip-flops are also great for streets, beaches and anywhere that walking barefoot might not be a good idea.

Photo credit: Unsplash. Ze Zorzan.

Ditch heavy guide books, download e-guides instead

Unless you’re travelling somewhere extremely remote without electricity, you can save space and weight by downloading guides to your e-devices. Some of the best travel guide brands such as Rough Guides have excellent e-guides, so you’ll still have all the information you’ll need to enjoy your holiday.

So there you have it, some of the best packing hacks for keeping your holiday luggage light and easy to navigate around your exciting holiday destinations.

Tips for packing light

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  1. Midlife Singlemum

    We just came back from England and we managed with 2 carry-ons for both of us. As some of it was gifts, we had some space coming home for buying a few things in London. I love the idea of the 54321 plan but obviously it’s only for a summer holiday (we didn’t need 2 swimsuits each for London in April). I learned that 2 pairs of jeans for a child lasts longer than 3 pairs of sweatpants as the sweatpants show all the dirt and need washing after one day whereas jeans can go for three or ore days without a wash. I also take two plain t-shirts to wear under other tops or dresses if it’s likely to be cold. I’d like to make my own packing by numbers plan now. I definitely agree with the 3 pairs of shoes – one best, one casual, and one trainers.

  2. katie

    Ooh a packing app, I may well download! My own tip, cultivated after a year of lots of travelling with work, is to have a separate bag of the minimum toiletries and make-up, mostly in miniature form, that I can grab and shove in my suitcase. It’s a little bit of an expense at first stocking it up (at least if you have favourite items like I do!) but has made packing much quicker and lighter than lots of full sized bottles of things. xx

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