7 Ways to an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

7 ways to an eco-friendly bathroom

Retreating to the bath, to relax and unwind is something I enjoy.  I love a long soak in the bath, only emerging when my fingers are really wrinkly.  Add a few nice products and the bathroom is an easy place to carve out a bit of me-time. I was lying in the bath on Saturday evening reading about Earth day, a day to encourage people to become more environmentally aware and value the planet. Which got me thinking, the bathroom is a room beset which chemical based and less than eco-friendly products.

A bit of google based  research on eco-friendly products and up popped Breast Cancer Research, a dedicated page to reducing risks by knowing what is in your products. Which is a very good reason to reconsider products in the bathroom. We all make individual choices based on preferences and budget, mine tend to lean towards chemical free. 

7 ways to an eco-friendly bathroom

As we become more aware of what we are slapping on our skin or using in our home, from the supermarket to specialist health websites, eco-friendly and organic products are plentiful.  I’ve favoured organic and plant-based products for a while, good quality, with authentic scents. Most importantly they work.  

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My favourite eco-friendly bathroom beauty products

My favourites, include the very affordable Faith in Nature, long-established, natural products for hair, skin and bath. Currently on the side of my bath Lavender and Geranium bath foam (it produces a good bubble quota).   

Spending a little more on bath and beauty products is about my only indulgence. Aveda available in department stores make gorgeous high-end hair and body products from naturally derived ingredients.  On a daily basis I use Liz Earle plant based hot cloth cleanser, using re-useable muslin face cloths, I can definitely say my skin is clearer and cleaner.  Synthetic free 100% plant and mineral derived products, Ren is a brand I find really effective for skin care. For an everyday treat  the Moroccan Rose body wash, turns the quickest shower into a fragrant, skin softening treat.

Sulphate free shampoo

Sulphate free shampoo or low foam shampoo have less detergent and use depends on hair type and personal preference.  I have thick hair by volume but the strands are fine and curly. Additionally, I colour it (which I appreciate is at odds with a chemical-free ideals, but I’m not ready to go grey and life is about compromise).  For my hair type, sulphate free are a gentler wash and suit coloured hair.  In the past I’ve used Organic Surge and L’Oreal hair expertise. Sulphate-free do take some adapting to, due to the reduced foam.  I’m about to try Low by L’Oreal Elvive, as recommended recently by beauty guru Sali Hughes.

Clean your teeth for the planet

To be honest, I’d not thought much about the environmental impact of my toothbrush. Every few months, I’m throwing away a piece of plastic that isn’t recyclable and sits in landfill for a long, long time. Available from Waitrose and Ocado is the Humble Brush a bamboo brush. The benefit of bamboo is that it degrades. These toothbrushes with contrast coloured bristles look nicer than garish plastic brushes.  Go the whole 9 yards: Kingfisher toothpaste is vegan friendly and contains nothing artificial. 

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and has a greater yield than cotton. We’ve just started using bamboo towels. The bamboo plant is fast growing, can be harvested without killing it and isn’t a plant that erodes soil. Bamboo towels from The Towel Shop are super soft, absorbent with anti-bacterial qualities and eco-friendly credentials. Buy a big bundle of white towels for that spa bathroom vibe or do what I did and opt for practical and stylish charcoal grey.


Candles are a grown-up luxury and worth investing in.  Fragrance is undoubtedly mood enhancing and a gear change that lifts a bath into something less ordinary and more pampering.  The Ethical Superstore has some good eco-friendly brands. Recently, I bought a friend a jasmine scented plant-based wax candle from Seven Seventeen, £1.00 from which goes to PANDAS a pre and post natal illness charity (win, win). 


For the good of the environment we need more to plant more trees and increase the plants on our planet. We don’t all have the luxury of outdoor space, house plants enhance interiors, adding texture and interest to rooms. Some have properties which improve air quality. Find my choice of bathroom plants here.

Cleaning materials

Who doesn’t love a sparkling bathroom?  Cleaning products are a feature of the bathroom and where the most chemicals lurk.  Eco-friendly products have improved in leaps and bounds.  Local whole food shops stock a range of brands.  Available in most supermarkets Method products have a mission to clean well and without toxic chemicals.  Alternatively, invest in a ecloth and use natural products; white vinegar, baking soda, there are good ‘recipes’ for chemical free cleaning on the Breast Cancer Research website here. Good for planet and good for you.

7 ways to an eco-friendly bathroom

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7 Ways to an Eco-friendly bathroom. Easy ideas. Bamboo towels and toothbrushes. Chemical free cleaning. Good for the planet. Good for you.


  1. Gemma Evans

    I also lean towards chemical free. I’ve found bicarb and lemon juice remove most dirt in the bathroom and kitchen. Plus it smells nice too. Just realised I don’t have a plant in the bathroom, how did that happen!?

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