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When I travel I like to discover local bars and restaurants.  I really enjoy getting under the skin of a place and a great way to do that is to eat and drink locally. When you eat and drink where the locals go you get to find out so much more than you would if you just stuck to the tourist places.

However, to be able to get the most out of the experience you need to dress right. The more you blend in, the better your travel experience will be. There really is nothing worse than walking into a place and standing out like a sore thumb because you are under or over dressed. It drains your confidence, which makes it harder for you to relax and enjoy yourself. Doing a bit of research before you travel ensures that you pack the right style of clothes for the place you are travelling to, and the activities you are hoping to enjoy once you are there.

Smart casual usually works

In most parts of the world, a smart casual look works best. Packing mostly this type of clothing allows you to blend in almost anywhere.

A good quality, lightly tailored, cotton blouse can be paired with short or jeans during the day for sightseeing, as well as worn with a smart skirt and shoes for the evening. For a man, a pair of chinos is usually a suitable option for an evening spent in a smart bar or restaurant. All he needs to do is to pair it with a good quality shirt and jacket.

Smart Packing tips for travel. From cocktails bars to fine dining. Tips for travel.

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Something special

However, if you like fine dining or you want to visit a cocktail bar or a smart club you may need to pack something a bit more special. When you already know which establishments you are going to visit you can just go online and check out their dress code.

Usually, details are included on the venue’s website. If you cannot find it there you could try ringing them or asking the question via their social media pages. Failing that, travel forums and style guide articles like this one can be used to help you to decide what to pack.

Buy when you get there

Another option is to buy your special outfit when you reach your destination. Of course, this approach is a bit riskier because you may not find exactly what you want, and you make have to pay a lot more than you were expecting to buy what your need. But, shopping in a different country is great fun. It is also a good way to keep your look fresh. On the surface fashion appears to be almost universal, but when you travel you soon realise this is the case. Everyone puts their own spin on things, so when you shop abroad you can often pick up items of clothing which are a little different. Shopping abroad can really help you to develop a more stylish wardrobe.

Smart Packing tips. Travel. Packing the right clothes for travel.

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