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What do you love about your local community? Ask me what inspires me locally and I could write a list. I am lucky enough to live in a place thriving with projects, initiatives and events. TSB are partnering with the Pride of Britain Awards and got in touch to ask me what or who in my community inspired me. The TSB Community Partner Award celebrates groups and people who have become a force for good in their local communities.

Community is about the fabric of our local lives, the people that quietly plant flowers in unused spaces or develop ideas to get homeless people off the street. For me, it is all those small details that make bigger better, the stitches that embellish the spaces we live in and connects us.

Community Inspiration. Little Libraries Bedminster.

My local inspiration is Little Libraries. Organised and fundraised for by a local mum, Ellie Freeman. Small wooden cabinets in green spaces with free books. The idea is you bring a book and take a book. Little libraries celebrates pride in local communal green spaces. In a world of digital the libraries draw adults and children outdoors and promotes reading. Books with pages to turn and covers to entice. It reminds us it is good to give away what we no longer need and that there is a return for that… a new to you book. Maybe a favourite read passed on, or novel that didn’t grab one reader but might be loved by another, books for young and old. Little Libraries are a global network and anyone can organise one, it just takes a person or a group to make it happen.

Community Inspiration. Little Libraries Bedminster.

Community Inspiration. Little Libraries Bedminister.

Community Inspiration. Little Libraries Bedminster

Community Inspiration. Little Libraries Bedminster.

Community is the small things. Little Libraries is the time and effort that one person put in, which encourages others to also make gestures and from which anyone can benefit. These are the threads that draw us together and create community. Projects and extras that add to the colourful fabric of local life and for that reason Little Libraries works perfectly as my local inspiration.

The Pride of Britain awards celebrate local heroes, ordinary people doing amazing things. Taking place in London later this year, TSB is partnering with Trinity Mirror Group in supporting the awards and the nominations are open. TSB summer pride purple minis are touring the UK, encouraging anyone and everyone to nominate someone special in their community. I popped to my local TSB to have a selfie with the mini and you can too.

Join in

Win tickets to the Pride of Britain awards. To enter take a selfie in a participating TSB branch and share on social media using #PrideofBritain.

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Pride of Britain TSB community

Disclosure: this post is in partnership with TSB Pride of Britain. All words and opinions are my own.


    1. helloitsgemma

      Thanks for comment. It is such a lovely idea. I know exactly what you mean about it feeling personal, I think because I know the books have been left by others.

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