Clever Investments To Help Sell Your Home

When selling your home there are lots of tips out there. Obviously, it is important to present a clean and tidy house. Freshly painted walls in simple colours. Vase of flowers in the centre of the table adds colour and scent to a room. Clean windows maximises the light. Help buyers to imagine themselves living in the property, de-personalise spaces by removing personal pictures and mementoes.  Present a blank canvas that they can envisage their own belongings, knick knacks and pictures.   There are other investments that can make your property stand out and maximise the saleable potential of your home.

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Clear out cluttered areas

First and foremost, don’t undersell the areas you have available. Cellars and attics are prime examples of spaces that can be maximised to full potential. People will welcome these additional storage spaces with open arms, and to simply damp-proof them and make them good for storage purposes costs very little. In return, they can provide a real boost as additional spaces and a great selling point. 

Multi-purpose furniture

Keep clutter at bay in multi-purpose furniture. This is all about re-thinking how you use furniture within a space. There are plenty of good quality beds that have storage space built into them, either in draws underneath or where the entire mattress can be lifted. On the other hand, if you have large window areas, this is the perfect place for a box seat that, while stylish in appearance, is hiding everything from children’s toys to books or spare towels.

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Fixtures and fittings can be your best friend

Similar to the moveable furniture in a room, the fixtures and fittings you put in place can have an impact on space, and you could easily lose the potential to maximise on it. Whether it’s a recessed bathroom mirror cabinet (such as the examples here) hiding toiletries and medicines, cleverly fitted kitchen units that use every nook and cranny to include wine racks and extractor fans, or even custom-made wardrobes for those awkward bedroom layouts – think about whether your fitted furniture does your property justice.

Make the most of the garden

A well-crafted outdoor space, is a selling point.  No matter what size that patch of land is, it can be an extension of the property, and you can always use it to create a haven. Clear away any weeds or dead plants, and re-shape it to be a useable space – even if it simply means flagging or decking the area so that you’re able to put a good-quality dining set outside.  Window boxes planted with colourful flowers creates an instant positive first impression, before potential buyers have even stepped over the threshold. 

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I would love to hear your thoughts on what else a seller can do to expand a space and make it more functional and saleable. Do leave a comment with your ideas in the comments section. 


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