Smart Storage Solutions for Children’s Bedrooms

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From the latest toys and games to the best books, children have got it all. However, do you have homes for all of these things? If you don’t, your child’s bedroom is likely to have their favourite things strewn across the floor or overflowing out of that already-full toy chest.

As a mother of three, I understand the importance of having ample storage in children’s bedrooms. Without these smart solutions, my house would be cluttered and chaotic. Here you can discover my pick of storage options for your little one’s room.

Buy a Storage Bed

Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on an abundance of storage boxes, shelves and units, why not invest in a new bed? My boys have cabin beds in their rooms and they absolutely love them. In fact, they can’t wait to get into bed at the end of the day! It’s a novelty for them to climb up the ladder and into their beds and, thankfully, I don’t think it will wear off.

The beauty of a cabin bed is that it’s a fun sleeping space for your child and it has essential storage facilities, without compromising on any additional space. So, instead of your child’s bedroom being crammed full of furniture, such as a bed, bookcase and chest of drawers, you can utilise space with a cabin bed.

The style you decide on depends on your personal preference; these practical beds come with various storage options, so you can choose a design that suits your needs. Choose from a bed with a desk and shelves, or integrated drawers and cupboards – a cabin bed will be a buy you won’t regret.

Hang a Toy Hammock

A toy hammock is perfect if your child has a lot of soft toys, plus it adds character to a bedroom. My youngest son has one in his bedroom and it’s ideal; it doesn’t take up any floor space, plus the toys are still within his reach.

I also think it’s nice for children to be able to see their toys, rather than them being hidden away in storage boxes and trunks. Storing toys in a hammock is both fun and effective, plus children won’t forget about them as they’ll be right there on show. With kids having so many things these days, it can be easy for toys to get overlooked, particularly when they’re not visible. A toy hammock gets two big thumbs up from me.

Build a Window Seat with Storage

Can you imagine being a child and having your very own window seat? You’d feel super proud of your bedroom. Well, why not build this dreamy feature into your child’s room? If you fancy utilising your space (and DIY skills), you can easily build a cosy window seat and incorporate storage underneath.

Not only will your little one have a snuggly spot to get comfy with a book, they’ll have an extra cupboard or additional drawers for their belongings too. Plus, you’ll be introducing seating to your child’s bedroom without having to take up floor space.

A window seat is much more than just a cool hangout for your little one; it’s a savvy solution to limited storage. Build a window seat with storage and reap the benefits.

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Joy Richards is the sleep specialist at Happy Beds – the UK’s leading bed and mattress store. Joy runs The Comfort Zone – the company’s news hub that’s dedicated to helping customers find the comfiest bed, including a range of stylish children’s cabin beds. You can get in touch with Joy by tweeting @HappyBedsUK. 

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