8 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen for Less

Ideas for transforming your kitchen without a complete re-fit. The kitchen used to be neglected space, often small and pokey, mainly used for cooking and laundry. Over recent years kitchens have grown in status, they’ve become the centre of the home. In our busy lives it is a space to spend time together as a family, meals cooked while homework is completely.  Kitchen have become eating and dinning spaces.

It is easy to become tired of room that we spend so much time in. Re-fitting a kitchen a big investment.  There are some simpler and cheaper ways to transform your kitchen. Look for beyond the whole room.  It’s all in the details. I love cafes for interior ideas, particularly the kitchen, bold lightening, quirky chairs and tables. Here are 8 ideas for transforming your kitchen for less.

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1. Kitchen Paint

Starting with the easiest and most obvious, an easy way to update any room is to re-paint. Kitchen specific paints are a soft sheen and so light reflecting. Kitchen paints will last longer and are easy to maintain. They contain elements that make them wipe clean and are resistant to condensation from boiling pans.  Scandi inspired light greys bring restful qualities. Or something brighter; greenery is Pantone colour of they year, green has a strong association with nature and relaxation.

2. Invest in tiles

More to spend? Re-tile. Tiling a kitchen is often about small spaces, splash backs behind sinks or stoves. With smaller areas to cover you can spend a little more.  For something different, there are beautiful iridescent glass tiles available, or brightly coloured patterned with a Spanish or Moroccan feel.

3. Open shelves

Make a significant change without re-fitting the entire kitchen. Consider removing wall cupboards and replacing with open shelves. Re-purposed scaffold planks, are thick enough to hold a multitude of jars and crockery. Once sanded and stained give a modern-rustic feel. Removing cupboards gives illusion of great space. Open shelves are an opportunity to create interest, displaying those items using hidden at the back of a cupboard vintage crockery, or rows of glass storage jars filled with various dry ingredients. 

4. Light from above

The answer to transforming your kitchen maybe in the ceiling. Storage is often our main concern in the kitchen, aiming to maximize every spare wall space.  Kitchens tend to be at the back of houses and often they have their own roof. Consider adding light from above via a roof windows. Easier to fit than you might imagine, there is lots of practical advice available. Solstro Roofwindows bathe a room in light from above, transforming even the darkest, smallest spaces into something light and airy.  A worthwhile investment for a room that is central to home life.

5. Re-organise the fridge

Not the inside of the fridge the outside. Step away from the fridge magnets. How often do you find a nice photo or piece of prized school art and tack it to the fridge with a magnet, until you can barely see the fridge for appointment letters, shopping lists, children’s paintings. Why not buy some simple frames and frame and hang some of that child art on the kitchen wall, cherish those early brightly coloured brush strokes.  Create collage posters from never seen phone photos.  On-line sites, allow you directly share photos from your phone via apps to make big poster size prints of lots of little pictures. Framed informal memories suit the kitchen and are perfect for guests to browse, whilst you cook.

6. Bold Lights

Change the lighting. Draped fairy lights give a pretty, soft light. Or clip on spot lights from shelves to counter tops for bright light to prep by.  Kitchen lightening has developed considerable from the strip lights of our parents’ generation. Consider investing in statement light fitting, bold shapes and colours work well in kitchens, especially, when the rest of space might be more neutral; wood units or white tiles.  A big light shade creates a vocal point for the room and so works particularly well over a kitchen-dinning table.

7. Clutter Free

Fed of never being able to find what you want? Give cupboards a good clear out, get rid of never used kitchen gadgets or forgotten tins of peaches.  Clearing away clutter and re-arranging to give extra and best use of space, can change how you feel about cooking and the kitchen. 

8. Spend Less

Give that collection of mis-matched mugs gifted and gathered over the years to the charity shop replace with a collection of matching cups, tactile stoneware in neutral tones. I’m a big fan of Orla Kiely homeware, I love her simple retro inspired designs in bold colours.   Replace a old battered kettle and toaster with a new in on trend copper.  Small changes that brighten counter tops and give the kitchen a lift.


For more kitchen inspiration follow my kitchen dinning Pinterest board.

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