How to Add Textures to Your Room

Adding a some texture to your room is a great way to take it from drab to fab. Using different fabrics to create a variety of textures really introduces character to a room and gives it an edgy vibe. Adding the simplest of furnishings and decorations to your space can change the whole look of a room just like a cushion on your armchair gives it a finishing touch. When you have two different textures which complement each other, it can create a new, updated look for your living room.

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Looking to spruce up your furniture? Try changing your furniture upholstery to a velvet fabric. Fashion a velvet sofa with an alternative cushion fabric to complete the look. Velvet also looks great as curtains and due to the thick fabric, it is practical for the early sunrises as it blocks outs the sun better. Not only is velvet comfortable it also looks great and introduces an element of class.

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A range of pillows scattered on a bed or a sofa gives you opportunity to introduce more colours and textures without having to commit to a long term piece. You can swap and change pillows whenever you fancy and you could even choose to cover them yourself to save money. A popular idea is to have different shades of the same colour in different textures, for example, sequin, fake-fur, and silk.  

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Throws have a similar effect to pillows but in a simpler way because, again, they add colour, but also introduce a warmth and comfort, without having to turn on the heating! A throw can be placed in any room, whether it’s the bedroom or living room, one throw can alter the theme of a whole room!

For those hardwood floors which can often get cold (especially in the upcoming winter months), a rug is the answer, to not only help warm the room up but also add extra décor. Rugs come in different colours, patterns, materials and sizes so you will be sure to find the perfect one for your home. You may choose to go for a faux fur rug, which, as well as achieving the designer, glam look, it adds another dimension to the room.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to enlarge the look of a room and improve the lighting and these days you can get them to fit any size space. Whether it’s a long thin mirror you need, a small round one or even a door sized mirror to fit on a wardrobe. The smooth, slick surface of the mirror creates a clear cut finish and is a must-have for your home!

Textured wallpaper adds an interesting touch to your room and is an easy way to decorate, especially if it is coloured because other wall art isn’t necessary. For extra décor, you could fashion with a mirror to keep it simple. Textured wallpaper offers a 3D effect and if it painted a bright colour, it can produce a fabulous feature wall!

Have you used one of these techniques to doll up your home?

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