Furniture Icons that Never go out of Style

With the constantly evolving nature of technology and design, it’s a wonder that anything can stay fashionable and last for more than five minutes. However, with that being said, some furniture designs have earned themselves an icon status, meaning they’re as popular now as they were when they were first introduced, if not more so in some cases. Here are some of the shining examples of furniture design that never go out of style.

The Charles and Ray Eames plastic dining chair has firmly established itself as a design icon of the twentieth, and now the twenty-first century. Currently, the original design is only manufactured by Vitra and can be purchased for a small fortune. However, there are a multitude of copies available for sale so that you can achieve the look for less, all of which come in a plethora of bright colours and with the option of wooden or metal legs.

Photo credit: Vitra

Nesting side tables are a staple in almost every living room. The trio of tables occupy the same floor space as the single largest table when not in use, but when all three are unstacked, everyone has a place to rest their drinks, books and dinner plates. Nesting tables come in any and every shape imaginable, including round or square, and they come in all finishes including wood, glass and metal. Their usefulness is probably what has kept the nesting tables a part of all our living rooms for so many years, and it’s unlikely this staple piece will be going anywhere anytime soon. This marble and brass offering by Trouva is both smart and affordable.

Photo credit: Trouva


A swooping, elegant curve; the arc floor lamp looks effortlessly cool and stylish. With a nod to mid-century design, with its dome lamp shade, it is certainly a statement piece. The extremely popular design means it’s easy to pick up an arc lamp on the high street for under two hundred pounds. This chrome arc floor lamp by is the perfect example of this affordable design.

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The chesterfield sofa is thought to date back to the 18th century, gaining its name after having been commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield. Its popular button-backed style has been reimagined time and again but the concept and character remain true to its roots. This deep-buttoned sofa, often upholstered in leather, is a real design classic and is definitely worth the investment. For a contemporary take on the design, check out this chesterfield sofa by sofa company Arlo & Jacob.

Photo credit: Arlo & Jacob


Many iconic designs emerged during the mid-century, one of which was the Noguchi coffee table by Isamu Noguchi. The simple form of the legs with the glass table top makes a striking centre piece in any living room. Like many of these iconic designs, the originals can fetch a small fortune. You can purchase an original Noguchi coffee table by Vitra from John Lewis; however, you will also find many reproductions on the internet at a fraction of the cost.

Photo credit: John Lewis

Another iconic seat, also from the mid-century is the Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner. Created in the fifties, the chair has been in production ever since, earning itself its icon status. It’s the ideal dining table chair and the epitome of Scandinavian simplicity. You can purchase a replica wishbone chair from Cult Furniture in a range of colours.

Have fun mixing contemporary designs with some of these classic icons to create a style and look that’s right for your home.

photo credit Cult Furniture

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