Two Great Ways to Stage Your Home

If you are planning to move and want to sell quickly it really is worth staging your home. Numerous studies show that properly staged houses sell faster. Plus, it is usually easier to secure a good price. Therefore, it makes sense to factor in the cost of dressing your property when putting together your moving budget. Staging, put simply, is improving the look of your home prior to selling, at its simplest it is presenting a clean and tidy house, perhaps with a vase of fresh flowers in a prominent position.   There are several options available. All of which are worth considering.

Hire a professional team to stage your home

Perhaps the easiest approach is to employ someone like Emblem Furniture who offer home staging. They offer their services to everyone from professional property developers to private individuals. Firms like this have a large pool of high-quality furniture, ornaments, soft furnishings and the other items you need to dress your home. Therefore, they can dress practically any style or size of property. So, this is the kind of home staging firm you want to hire.

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Do the work yourself

However, if you are working with a very tight budget, doing the work yourself may be a more practical approach. Potentially, it is a lot of work, but it is definitely worth doing. If you do it you will literally add thousands to the price that you secure for your property. Here is a summary of what you will need to do.

Tidy the garden

It is wise to clean up the garden. Things like weeding and thinning out your flower beds and pressure washing your patio or deck will make a huge difference to how good your home look. Pay particular attention to your front garden. Remember, first impressions count. A scruffy garden or uncut lawn really can turn a potential buyer off completely.


You really need to go through each room packing away as much of your clutter as possible. If you do this your home will feel cleaner and the rooms will look bigger.

Deep clean

The cleaner your home looks and smells the better. Therefore, you should go through your home and literally clean it from top to bottom. Doing this will make it look better and highlight any of your decor that needs touching up.

Touch up the paintwork

Once you have cleaned, go around and touch up the paintwork where necessary. In most cases, you will only need to get rid of a few chips and scuff marks. However, occasionally you will need to paint the whole room. In this situation, it is best to use a one-coat product. That way you can get the job done quickly.

Update other items

In some cases, it will prove beneficial to dress your home in a more modern way. Usually, you can pick up additional ornaments, rugs and pictures from garage sales and local charity shops. These will not cost you much and you can always box them up and give them to charity when you move.

Practical checklists you can use to help you

The trick with staging your home and moving is staying organised. If you click this link you will be taken to a page that will provide you with several downloadable checklists you can use. They help you with every aspect of moving home including staging your home.

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