Quick Fixes to Refresh a Tired Room

The nights are drawing in now and you’re probably already thinking about Christmas. Another year has almost gone by and you still haven’t found time to redecorate or refurbish your house. Now you have to think about getting the decorations down from the loft and saving for the annual gift-splurge.

Thankfully, there are some quick-fixes that’ll bring your rooms up to date and feel a bit fresher that don’t cost the earth and take months. See if you can’t fit at least one of these in before Christmas.

Change your flooring

If your carpets are looking tired but you dread spending thousands on replacing them, book a professional deep clean instead. It’ll only cost around £200 and could bring some more life into your floors. If you have dull-looking wooden flooring, could you give it a quick sand and polish? Even throwing down a bright new rug will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Your skirting boards

Often an overlooked decorative feature, skirting boards do loads to enhance and improve the look of a room. They can also bring the look down if they’re old and scruffy, so you should check out the huge range of skirtingsrus skirting boards for inspiration. It’s surprisingly easy to remove and replace your skirting boards and you can probably get the job done in under half a day.

Your walls

This doesn’t have to be a big job, you don’t have to do every wall in every room, after all. Choose one wall that stands out for some reason – maybe it’s an existing feature wall that’s a focal point, or maybe it’s the particularly scuffed and neglected wall behind the sofa. Either way, changing the wallpaper or giving the wall a vibrant new coat of paint is a quick fix for boredom.

Sometimes all a wall needs is a good wash-down, which is even quicker and cheaper than a can of paint. Grime creeps up on us all, so a good scrub makes everything seem brighter.

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Your lighting

There really is no excuse to stay stuck in the past with your lighting. The days of 100 Watt or 60 Watt, pearl or white are long gone! You don’t even have to re-wire your house, just take a look at the bulbs and lamps you have at the moment and decide which ones could be made brighter, which ones could rock a different colour and whether you could introduce some LEDs to the proceedings. If you don’t feel up to this, you could just invest in some new lampshades, try something modern, such as a cage frame, simple and eye-catching.


Photo credit: Unsplash Adrian Tormo

Your surroundings are important – they affect your mood and they say something about you to your visitors. It’s easy to stop noticing a wall becoming grubby because you see it every day, and it’s also not unusual to become bored with your décor without realising it. You can just feel a sense of deflation or tiredness when you come home or when you look at that ratty patch of carpet. A few changes can transform how you feel about a room. 

Don’t put up with it – switch up instead.

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